British SAS operators finally evacuated from Syria

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The sudden withdraw of U.S. Special Operations Forces from Syria has sparked out the Turkish military operation in this region. The British special forces have found themselves encircled by opposing sides after Donald Trump’s decision to pull out troops from northern Syria.

Yesterday, the American C-130 planes contingent was sent to Syria under cover of a ceasefire to start pulling out members of Western special forces including the British SAS, the Mirror reported.

A top military source said: “It’s been near chaos since Trump’s astonishing announcement. A small number of our special forces were among the lar­­ger number of Americans still there.”

Among those who were evacuated from Syria, was also a small number of French troops. The British SAS operators are understood to have been in Syria since July along with an unknown number of troops from the UK’s Special Forces Support Group, mostly paratroopers.

The earlier extraction was halted because of the real possibility and fear that the planes could be hit in the crossfire.

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