How to Always Be at the Ready with Minutemen Tactics

As a military history enthusiast, I find great value in studying the tactics employed throughout the ages and applying them to my own life. One

Sam Jacobs

As a military history enthusiast, I find great value in studying the tactics employed throughout the ages and applying them to my own life. One such group that has left a lasting impression on me is the Minutemen, whose readiness and preparedness can be a practical guide for all of us.

I admire their willingness and availability to defend their neighbors and loved ones at a moment’s notice. 

While the likelihood of facing an invading army is relatively low, we can empower ourselves by adapting some practical tactics and skills the Minutemen used to everyday situations, especially when we’re forced to defend our homes and families. 

Let’s dive into these three simple yet highly effective tactics. 

Tactic #1

To always be at the ready, one must have all their tools in order. In the military, this means keeping your kit in tip-top shape and staying alert. The average civilian should have their EDC gear, such as their flashlight, knife, and CCW, in perfect condition. 

The Minutemen, much like Nehemiah and the workers who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem with a sword in one hand and a tool in the other, had to have their weapons nearby in case they were ever called upon to defend their town. 

Today, we likely won’t have to defend our town from an invading force, but you never know when a bad guy intending harm will approach you on the street or attempt to enter your home, so always having your EDC gear within reach will help you keep your family safe. You might even consider keeping it in a bulletproof backpack, so it’s handy to grab and go. 

Tactic #2

The Minutemen were generally average citizens with little military training. So, the trained British soldiers underestimated their capabilities. 

However, these young men were training unconventionally, as many were inevitably farmers, trappers, and hunters. They were handy with weapons because they regularly used them to provide for their families. 

The military and law enforcement agencies constantly train to maintain their skills and develop new ones. Yet, as average citizens, we often overlook basic gun training. I fully support our right to bear arms, but I also believe that we should hold ourselves to a higher standard and desire to become better shooters and CCWers, which means we should regularly train as much as we can afford.

Just as the Minutemen didn’t have professional training, as the British soldiers, they were still training in their everyday life, as we can. One of the best free training opportunities we have for self-defense is to walk around town and notice how few people are paying attention to their surroundings. Simply paying attention to what’s happening around us in our everyday lives will help us avoid dangerous situations.

Tactic #3

Lastly, the Minutemen were a mobile unit. So they had to be in shape and ready to walk miles upon miles. 

With our primary sedentary lifestyles in the digital age, we’re rarely in shape enough to be as mobile as the Minutemen. The Army understands that fitness levels depend on age, which is why the ACFT Standards Score Chart exists.

Several years ago, I found out the hard way that I was in much poorer shape than in high school. I was on a duck hunt with a couple of buddies, and as we trudged through the marsh one early morning, I noticed how heavy my breathing became, and I didn’t think I would make it to the spot we planned to hunt. 

I was not physically prepared for that walk, which I had made many times before. Thankfully, I survived without being carried back to the truck, but that day was eye-opening. 

I wrestled in high school and was in incredible shape for most of the year. Now, however, I sit at a desk and write most days, and the dad bod has slowly snuck up on me. This is why I jumped at the chance to workout with my neighbor when he purchased a home gym and walk laps around our local park while my daughter plays. I also enjoy using apps that encourage me to move.

Staying in decent shape will allow you to protect yourself and your family when the time comes. Don’t let it sneak up on you, and then realize how important it is when it’s too late. There’s no need to be an ultra-marathon runner (unless that’s your thing, like David Goggins), but being able to pick up your loved ones and quickly carry them to safety will save lives.

Parting Shots

Even if you’re an average citizen, as I am, we can learn a lot from the Minutemen about always being prepared.

It begins with oneself, staying in shape, training, and always having your tools ready for the most likely situations. 

Stay safe out in this crazy world, my friends!


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