Omer Halisdemir and his grave

Omer Halisdemir: The story of courage and self-sacrifice

On the evening of July 15, 2016, Omer Halisdemir held the position of officer in charge at the headquarters of the Special Forces Command in Ankara. The evening initially seemed calm and uneventful, much like

Steel vs. Brass Ammo: Exploring the Differences in Cost, Reliability, and Performance

Steel vs. Brass Ammo: Understanding the Differences

Ammunition plays a crucial role in the performance and reliability of firearms. Various factors exist when choosing the right ammunition, including the materials used in their construction. This article aims to highlight the key differences

Glock 19 pistol is weapon of choice for many special forces units in the world

The Benefits of Polymer-Framed Guns

Step into the world of military technology and discover the captivating story of polymer-based firearms. Trace their roots back to 1970 when HK made a revolutionary debut with their VP/70 Volkspistole. Fast forward to today,

SEAL operators sitting on the planks of the Little Bird

JSOC’s Tier-system explained: How do they differ?

The Tier-system is designed by JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) to prioritize which Special Operations Forces receive the most funding. Tier 1 receives the most, then Tier 2, etc. However, games like Medal of Honor

Gepard M1 single-shot 12.7mm Anti-materiel rifle designed and manufactured in Hungary

Building An Affordable Sniper Rifle

We all know that more money equals top quality. And top quality guarantees top performance. But you don’t want to risk bankruptcy. And you can’t settle for a rickety straight out-from-the-box $350 hunting rifle. Given they