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Spec Ops Magazine is a media outlet intended for people who are employed or looking for work in the field of security, whether it’s law enforcement, military, or private security agencies. For them, we provide information daily from various topics related to military and law enforcement branches, especially those related to special forces.

We will help the ever-growing number of armed professionals to become familiar with the basics of security law and provide information about the field of security worldwide. One of our goals is to further educate and inform the reading public to raise awareness about proper and responsible firearm usage, ways to fight, how to protect people and property following the law, and the history of the world’s fighting men and women.

In addition to the above, we will cover the processes of examination and security certification for police academies or to operate in a security service. We want to help all who are potentially interested in the security field to better understand your right to training, the conditions of that training, and the legal issues of being special operations or security officers. We will also provide the means for interested parties to submit questions about labor law and international considerations for those seeking employment in the security field.

This is, of course, for free.

Magazine covers topics from the following areas:

  • Daily News (domestic, world, military, law enforcement, special forces…)
  • Army
  • Police
  • Special units
  • Guns and Ammo (analysis, equipment, market news, the use, and maintenance, shooting)
  • Personal safety (self-defense, personal protection, asset protection, protection systems, insurance)
  • Property insurance (protection systems, means of protection, insurance)
  • Techniques and tactics of official organizations
  • Security services
  • Shooting
  • Archery (crossbow, bow, and arrow, …)
  • Tips
  • Survival
  • Attractions and Entertainment

In fact, special-ops.org tells the untold. The site is uniquely positioned as a provider of alternative news content from different sources.

All information on this site comes from open sources and other similar magazines and does not represent any official group, unit, or agency. The purpose of this site is for education only. In no case shall we be liable for any damage or harm, caused by use or misuse of any information, facts, or opinions placed on this site. We are not endorsed by or affiliated with any international or legal organization. All information on this site is non-classified. All images are for educational purposes and sourced from the public domain where possible. At all times we will conduct ourselves with operational security in mind.



The Spec Ops Magazine has multiple authors with different experience and expertise in the various topics and fields. A full list of authors and their biographies is available here.

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