Chinese Type 64 Silenced

chinese type 64 silenced pistol
A remarkable Chinese Type 64 Silenced pistol (Photo: XY)

Chinese Type 64 silenced is a remarkable weapon. It appears to have only one function in life, that of assassination. It is chambered for a special 7.65×17 mm rimless cartridge with a low-velocity loading. It cannot be used with commercial .32 ACP semi-rimmed ammunition.


The Chinese Type 64 Silenced can be used either as a manually-loaded single-shot pistol or as a blowback semi-automatic. For the utmost silence, a selector bar in the upper part of the slide is pushed to the left and this rotates bolt, locking it into lugs in the breech.

When the pistol is fired, the breech remains closed and can be opened only by the pushing selector across and manually retractind the slide. If the selector is left in its right-hand position, then the bolt does not rotate, nor does it lock, and when the pistol is fired the slide blows back in a conventional manner.

chinese type 64 silenced techincal specifications
Chinese Type 64 silenced pistol; top, ready to fire; bottom, with the slide locked open after the last shot from magazine has been fired. (Photo: XY)

Silence is achieved partly by the special ammunition, which ensures subsonic velocity of the bullet, and partly by the built-in silencer. The casings which surround the barrel extends in front of the muzzle; the gases escaping from the muzzle behind the bullet are expanded into a wire-mesh cylinder surrounded by an expanded metal sleeve, while the bullet passes through a number of rubber discs which prevent the following gas escaping the outside.

When the breech is locked, the Chinese Type 64 Silenced pistol is extremely quiet; with the breech unlocked the noise is somewhat greater due to the clatter of the slide moving backward, but the report is still silenced.


The Chinese Type 64 silenced pistol has been adopted by the Chinese military in the mid-1960s as a special purpose silenced weapon, intended for both military and political clandestine operations.

Technical specifications: Chinese Type 64 Silenced

Manufacturer: Chinese State Arsenals
Type: selective semi-automatic or single shot, blowback, with integral silencer
Caliber : 7.65 mm (.32, special chambering)
Barrel: 4..88 in (124 mm)
Weight: 44.8 oz (1270gm)
Magazine capacity: 8 rounds
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