FN SCAR-L: A perfect weapon for the CQC

Belgian Special Forces Group (SFG) operator with the SCAR rifle in Jordan, pictured in November 2014
Belgian Special Forces Group (SFG) operator with the SCAR rifle in Jordan, pictured in November 2014 (Photo: XY)

SCAR-L CQC is assault rifle from FN Herstal company from Belgium. It comes in NATO 5.56 mm caliber and the rifle is specially designed for Special Forces operators and it’s name SCAR is abbreviation for SOF Combat Assault Rifle. In 2009, a SOCOM launched a campaign for new assault rifle for special forces to replace the old M-4 carabine. All main arms manufacturers shiped their assault rifles to SOCOM for testings. Among them, one rifle was from Belgium company FN Herstal. SCAR-L CQC is version for close combat with shortened barrel. CQC is abbreviation for Close Quarter Combat.

The Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) is a modular assault rifle family, designed by FN Herstal (FNH) responding to US special Operations Command requirement. FN won US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) development contract in November 2004. The SCAR family of weapons include the SCAR Heavy 7.62mm rifle, SCAR L (Light) 5.56 mm version and Enhanced Grenade Launcher (EGLM) grenade launcher which will be able to fire Fuse Programmable Ammunition.

This rifle is fully made for needs of special forces, it is accurate, compact and light weight. Many parts of SCAR rifle are fully adjustable for needs of operator, no matter is he left or right handed. There is also few picatinny rails mounted on rifle, and there is enough room to mount many gadgets like red dot sights, laser sights and other additional equipment.

In SOCOM testings, this rifle got best scores and proves itself like very good assault rifle. SCAR-L CQC has moderate recoil and have two modes of fire, single shot and full auto. When firing in single shot mode you can feel how good SCAR rifle is.

Criteria for testings

We made few criteria for testings, first one is accuracy in both, single and full auto mode. For single mode we engaged target from 50 meters and from ten shots we got 95/100 with mechanical sight on target with 10 points diameter of 5 cm. For full auto test we engaged target from 20 meters and got solid result. From ten shots, nine were target creating score of 57/100 what appears as solid results for burst fire.

Second criteria was overall length and height of weapon and using it in urban combat or in houses, buildings and other places where doesn’t have so much space. SCAR-L CQC is almost ideal for this part of job. It’s good in urban terrains almost like in open areas. A really compact assault rifle.

Third criteria was about SCAR reliabilty. It’s stone-cold relibable. Elegant, robust and clean-running design should give very long service life.


Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO/.223 Remington
Barrel: 16.25”, 1 in 7” rifling.
Overall Length: 37” with stock fully extended, 27” with stock folded.
Weight: 7.25 lbs empty, YMMV depending on the goodies you hang off the miles of Picatinny rail.
Action: Short-stroke gas piston operated semi-automatic rifle.
Finish: Anodized alloy upper receiver, green or tan polymer lower receiver and stock, phosphated barrel.
Capacity: 10, 20, 30 round (included) box magazine; accepts standard M-16/AR-15 magazines.
Price: $2,300 and up. Way up, if you include worthy optics. If you put a cheap Chinese scope on this rifle you should be punched in the mouth.

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