Former Navy SEAL sniper storming house during the Battle of Mosul

Ephraim Mattos first-person combat video
Ephraim Mattos first-person combat video during the Battle of Mosul in war on ISIS (Photo: YouTube/WarLeaks)

The global war on ISIS is over, but the memories are still fresh. In a following combat video you will see a former Navy seal sniper Ephraim Mattos. The story of Ephraim Mattos is related to the organisation Stronghold Rescue & Relief. It is organization formed by Mattos himself. Actually, it is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian assistance to those in need in conflict zones.

In this certain footage, Mattos, who voluntarily joined the fight against ISIS is seen assaulting a ISIS held house in a village near Mosul, Iraq during the Battle of Mosul. He fights beside the Free Burma Rangers. The house they were assaulting was held by at least two enemy combatants including one machine gunner whose gun jammed during the engagement as he attempted to open fire on Mattos and his approaching team. Instead of fixing his problem and reloading the gun to continue fighting, he and his comrade fled into the tunnel and tried to hide.⁠

After they secured the house and the entry to the tunnel, Iraqi demolition team collapsed the tunnel on top of them and they were buried alive. Shortly after the Battle of Mosul was over, Ephraim Mattos wrote an interesting book about his experience during the war against ISIS in Iraq together with with Scott McEwen who also wrote AMERICAN SNIPER. The book was named as ‘City of death: Humanitarian Warriors in the Battle of Mosul’.

Ephraim Mattos – a former Navy SEAL sniper

Eprhaim Ephraim’s story is a taut real-life thriller and probably has good chances to be portrayed in Hollywood in the future. In 2010, he graduated high-school in Wisconsin and went straight to the the US Navy. After finishing BUD/s and his enlistment as a SEAL, he spent six years as a elite warrior before ending his service in April. 2017. Only few months after, he found himself in Iraq, fighting ISIS as volunteer. As a founder of Stronghold Rescue & Relief, he volunteered to work as a civilian combat medic on the front lines of the battle to retake Mosul from ISIS – the bloodiest urban combat the world has seen since World War II. While on that mission, Ephraim was shot by ISIS while participating in a rescue operation to save Iraqi civilians stranded in ISIS territory.

Ephraim Mattos, a former Navy SEAL sniper and founder of Stronghold Rescue & Relief
Ephraim Mattos, a former Navy SEAL sniper and founder of Stronghold Rescue & Relief (Photo: Facebook/Stronghold)

During his recovery, he started writing his book and it has soon become a vivid and brilliantly reported account of events on the front-lines which gives the reader a real dose of reality. 

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