Green Beret inspires fitness gear revolution with GoRuck

by Eric Sof

Jason McCarthy, a retired Green Beret and founder of GoRuck company inspires fitness gear revolution with his GoRuck startups. His experiences as the U.S. Army Special Forces soldier inspired him to develop rucksacks like those he used while serving as Special Forces Communications Sergeant.

What is GoRuck?

Today, GoRuck is a fitness gear brand that has revolutionized civilian fitness training. This story is another humbling reminder of the high-quality men who served among the U.S. Special Forces and made the difference after they left the Army. They prove that they can do great things in and out of the service.

You should try a GoRuck Challenge.

Based on Special Forces training, your class is led from start to finish by a Special Forces Cadre. His job is to test your limits, push you beyond them, and build your class into a team. There are no cash prizes at the finish. All you earn is a 2×3 inch patch and the respect of everyone to your left and right.

Take some time and watch the video, pretty awesome!

Are GORUCK bags worth it?

If you’re doing a GORUCK event, I STRONGLY suggest it. If you’re not, the price might not be worth it. That said, it is an awesome bag. I have one (GR1) and use it for work, for weekend trips, for afternoons taking kids to the pool. It’s well made, versatile, and functional. More importantly, they didn’t throw a bunch of random features in there (cell phone pocket, chest clips, hip belt, etc.). They do have a lifetime guarantee (and they seem to stand behind it) but the question is more about what you want to use it for. It might be a bit overkill but it is a fantastic piece of equipment I’m happy I purchased.

GoRuck GR1 Backpack
GoRuck GR1 Backpack (Photo: XY)

You have to ask yourself a few questions, such as: What is a good quality worth to you? Can you spare to spend the money on a backpack? What will you expect to be using it for?

For me? Well worth it. Designed and made in the US by a company started by a US veteran with quality materials and a guarantee that they will repair it of it breaks. What’s not to like? In the philosophy of “buy once, cry once”. To me, this quality is worth it. I own and use my GR1 daily and sometimes wish I had a GR2 for my overseas travels.

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