Hammerli 215 Target Auto Pistol

Hammerli 215 Target Auto Pistol Hammerli 215 Target Auto Pistol
Hammerli 215 Target Auto Pistol (Photo: Hammerli)

The Hammerli 215 Target Auto Pistol is produced by the Hammerli company. The company itself has been in the target business for many years and they produce some of the world’s finest competition weapons. Unfortunately, due to the strength of the Swiss franc, they tend to be very expensive outside Switzerland, which does nothing for Hammerli’s sales.

As a result, they decided to produce a weapon which, while remaining high-quality, would be competitive in price.


The Hammerli 215 resembles the older Hammerli 208 model in being a chunky semi-automatic using a heavy fixed barrel and a short recoiling slide moving in short frame rails. The trigger guard is a separate component and acts as a slide latch. The rear sight is held on a saddle unit that locks to the outside of the frame and straddles the recoiling slide.

Since this would prevent gripping the slide in the normal way, it is made with extended sides that stretch forward, alongside the barrel and have finger grips for cocking and unloading. The sight saddle unit has to be removed to strip the pistol, but the construction is such that it automatically returns to the pre-set zero when replaced.

The Hammerli 215 pistol is hammer-fired. The grips are of hardwood, anatomically shaped, and have an adjustable palm rest.

Hammerli 215 pistol in the box
Hammerli Model 215 pistol in the box (Photo: XY)

The front sight blade can be easily changed, and blades of various widths are available; the rear sight can also be changed for different widths of slot and is fully adjustable. The trigger pull is smooth, with a consistent pull-off point. A balance weight is fitted beneath the muzzle; it can be adjusted or changed by the use of an Allen key.

Range performance

On the range, Hammerli 215 performs as other Hammerli products are expected to perform, firing with absolute accuracy and reliability. The only concession to price has been in the external finish which is not quite so luxurious as in previous products, but the performance is in no way diminished.

Technical specifications: Hammerli 215

Manufacturer: Hammerli SA, Lenzberg, Switzerland
Type: blowback semi-automatic target
Caliber: .22 Long Rifle RF
Barrel: variable
Weight (empty): variable
Capacity: 8 rounds
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