Insane Shooting Drills

Spetsnaz Insane Shooting Drills (Photo: YouTube/RussianSOF)

The shooting drills are expected to build up your confidence, improve your marksmanship, to connect you to the tool, in this particular situation the gun you use. But, it’s not meant to have you injured or even killed. In part of the training of Special Operations Forces, Russian training differentiates than as it is used by Special Operations Forces in Western countries.

Here you can see unconventional training drills, or I could call it insane and dangerous drills. You will see operators shooting at each other with live ammunition, rolling towards tanks, ducking while being shoot at from machine guns. But, still, it is hard to explain until you saw it by yourself. Here is few compilations of Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces) training including the primary and secondary weapons well as machine guns.


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