QLG-10 Grenade Launcher

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QLG-10 underbarrel grenade launcher is designed and manufactured in Chinaby state ordnance factories. It is adopted by PLA and is also offered for export. It exists in two versions, which differ in trigger setup – the earlier QLG-10 is designed to be mounted on the Type 95 (QBZ-95) assault rifle, while the latter QLG-10A is designed to be mounted on the updated Type 95-1 (QBZ-95-1) assault rifle, which, among other upgrades, has redesigned trigger guard.

QLG-10 launcher is designed to fire 35mm “caseless” grenades, designated DFS-10. These grenades are designed after Russian VOG-25 grenades, in which propellant charge is placed in the base of the projectile, leaving nothing in the barrel after the discharge. Like its Russian prototype, the GP-25 grenade launcher, QLG-10 is a single shot, muzzle loading weapon with rifled barrel. Each DFS-10 grenade has pre-engraved rifling to provide in-flight stabilization by rotation. Each projectile weights 169 gram and has muzzle velocity of 78 meters per second. Standard loadings are HE-FRAG and HE-DP, as well as inert practice and certain “less-lethal” riot control warheads.

QLG-10 grenade launcher mounted on assault rifle
QLG-10 grenade launcher mounted on assault rifle (Photo: XY)

QLG-10 grenade launcher features iron sights, mounted to the left and above the barrel, with an optional red dot sight that can be installed over the iron sights base. It’s similar like other american and european grenade launchers of same type used by military. PR China PLA uses it for decades and there isn’t reports of malfunctioning or bad quality. There is also a QLG-10A version which isn’t really different from the basic QLG-10 underbarrel grenade launcher. There is only few small details different.

QLG-10 underbarrel grenade launcher
QLG-10 underbarrel grenade launcher (Photo: XY)

It’s really easy for use, no needs for special training or similar stuff. The PR China constructors made a exactly what military needed, a quality and reliable under barrel greande launcher.

Technical specifications for QLG-10 under barrel grenade launcher
Caliber: 35 mm
Length: 310 mm
Weight: 1.45 kg
Maximum effective range: 430 meters

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