UJ-31 ZLYVA: The Loitering Munition for Precision Strikes

UJ-31 ZLYVA loitering munition from Ukraine UJ-31 ZLYVA loitering munition from Ukraine
UJ-31 ZLYVA loitering munition from Ukraine (Photo: UKRJET)

Advancements in military technology have led to the development of highly sophisticated weapons systems, including loitering munitions. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have gained attention for their ability to strike ground and waterborne targets with exceptional precision. One such system is the UJ-31 ZLYVA, designed by UkrJet. This article explores the features and capabilities of the UJ-31 ZLYVA, highlighting its applicability, modes of operation, targeting accuracy, and integration with the UJ-22 AUS carrier aircraft.

The Applicability of UJ-31 ZLYVA

Striking Immobile Ground and Waterborne Targets

The UJ-31 ZLYVA is precisely engineered to engage immobile ground and waterborne targets. It combines the advantages of a loitering munition and a UAV, providing flexibility and accuracy in target engagement. This system can be effectively deployed in diverse operational environments, including adverse weather conditions and electronic countermeasures.

Operational Flexibility and Precision

Task Adaptability and Flight Control

One of the notable features of the UJ-31 ZLYVA is its ability to change or abort the flight task during a mission. This adaptability allows operators to respond to dynamic battlefield situations, ensuring effective strikes and minimizing collateral damage. The flight trajectory of the munition can be programmed to match the mission’s specific requirements, enhancing its effectiveness.

Versatile Warhead Options

The UJ-31 ZLYVA employs RPG-7 ammunition as the warhead in its standard configuration. This proven warhead provides reliable and effective target engagement. Furthermore, the system is adaptable to other types of ammunition, allowing operators to customize the warhead based on mission requirements. This versatility enables the UJ-31 ZLYVA to neutralize various targets effectively.

Auto and Semi-Auto Modes of Operation

The UJ-31 ZLYVA offers operators the choice between auto and semi-auto modes of operation. In auto mode, the munition can autonomously perform its mission, relying on the pre-programmed flight trajectory and target engagement parameters. In semi-auto mode, operators can manually control and adjust the munition’s flight path and targeting parameters, providing additional flexibility in mission execution.

Exceptional Performance and Precision

High-Speed Capability and Extended Residence Time

According to the manufacturer, the UJ-31 ZLYVA has a cruising speed of 120 km/h and can reach a maximum speed of 180 km/h when approaching the target. Its high-speed capability allows for swift target engagement, reducing the risk of interception. Additionally, the munition can remain in the air for 20 minutes, providing an extended residence time to locate and strike targets effectively.

Precision Targeting and Low Acoustic Signature

The UJ-31 ZLYVA boasts impressive target hit accuracy, with no more than +/- 2.5 m deviation. This exceptional precision ensures minimized collateral damage and maximized mission success rates. Moreover, the system maintains a low noise level during launch and flight, reducing the risk of detection by enemy forces.

Stealthy Operations and Reduced Signatures

Unlike other guided munitions, the UJ-31 ZLYVA does not leave a visible or infrared wake. This unique feature enhances the munition’s stealth capabilities, making it difficult for adversaries to effectively track or counter the system. The reduced signatures enable covert operations, allowing the UJ-31 ZLYVA to achieve its objectives without compromising the element of surprise.

Integration with UJ-22 AIRBORNE

Enhanced Capabilities through Combined Systems

One of the key advantages of the UJ-31 ZLYVA is its compatibility with the UJ-22 AUS carrier aircraft, also manufactured by UkrJet. This integration allows for enhanced capabilities, including increased penetration depth and extended residence time in the target area. By combining these systems, operators can conduct more extensive and effective missions, reaching targets deeper within enemy territory.

UJ-31 ZLYVA, a loitering munition able to be launched from UJ-22 UAS
UJ-31 ZLYVA, a loitering munition able to be launched from UJ-22 UAS (Photo: UKRJET)

Dedalus Software and Resilience to Electronic Jamming

The UJ-31 ZLYVA and the UJ-22 AUS carrier aircraft utilize the Dedalus software, which enables the munition to swarm and demonstrates a high degree of resilience to electronic jamming measures. The Dedalus software provides advanced capabilities for coordination, communication, and mission execution, ensuring the effectiveness of the loitering munition even in the presence of electronic countermeasures.

Manual and Automatic Targeting Options

Integrating the UJ-31 ZLYVA and the UJ-22 AUS allows manual or automatic targeting. Operators can choose the targeting mode based on mission requirements and situational awareness. The system provides the option to terminate the approach, ensuring precise target selection and minimizing the risk of unintended damage.

UKRJET UJ-22 Airborne in Kyiv 2021
UKRJET UJ-22 Airborne in Kyiv 2021 (Photo: UKRJET)

Pre-Programmed Approach Profiles

Operators can pre-program the approach profile of the UJ-31 ZLYVA within a height range of 2 meters to 2000 meters. This feature allows for optimized engagement strategies, considering the specific characteristics of the target and the surrounding environment. Customizing the approach profile enhances the munition’s adaptability and effectiveness in diverse operational scenarios.


The UJ-31 ZLYVA is a highly capable and versatile loitering munition for striking the immobile ground and waterborne targets. Its adaptability, precision targeting, and integration with the UJ-22 AUS carrier aircraft provide operators with a powerful tool for conducting effective and efficient missions. The system’s advanced features, such as its ability to change flight tasks, multiple warhead options, and resilient operation in adverse conditions, make it a formidable asset on the modern battlefield.

UkrJet’s commitment to innovation and technological advancements has resulted in the development of the UJ-31 ZLYVA, exemplifying the evolving landscape of military capabilities. As military strategies evolve, loitering munitions like the UJ-31 ZLYVA will play an increasingly vital role in providing precision strikes while minimizing the risk to friendly forces. It is usually used alongside the other UKRJET loitering munition designated as UJ-32 LASTIVKA.

UJ-32 LASTIVKA loitering munition from Ukrainian UKRJET

Technical specifications

Country of origin:Ukraine
Operation in manual mode distance:Up to 20 km from launching UAV
Maximum autonomous flight distance, km60 from launching UAV
Cruise speed:120 km/h
Maximum speed:180 km/h
Minimum speed:60 km/h
Operating temperature:-20 + 50 °С
Warhead:ammunition from RPG-7
Flight in manual mode:yes
Flight in comms silence autonomous mode:yes
The average set up time:Up to 10 minutes
The average clotting time, minutes4
Takeoff type:The average set-up time:
Operating meteorological conditions:One person
External crew:From launching UAV in auto mode


  • Loitering munitions (10 units)
  • Spare parts,, tools and accessories set
  • High-level protection boxes for transportation and storage
  • Operating documents set

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on publicly available sources and may not reflect the latest updates or developments regarding the UJ-31 ZLYVA loitering munition. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please refer to official sources and consult with relevant experts in the field.

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