Pistols and revolvers used by the most elite special forces units around the world

Centrum Pistol Competition Free

Centrum pistol is a single-shot gun chambered in .22 Long RF Caliber. It has been produced in Germany for the European market of free pistols. Free pistols Free pistols are principally a European avocation, being specialized shot .22 weapons designed solely for national and international competition shooting. It is specifically intended for the UIT .22 …

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Browning BDA .380 pistol

Browning BDA .380 Auto Pistol

The Browning BDA Auto Pistol resembles the Berreta Model 84 in most respects and is actually made by Beretta in Italy, but there have been one or two modifications to bring it to the specification demanded by Browning. Another plus feature is that, in the United States, it costs considerably less than an imported Beretta …

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Bernardelli P-018 pistol

Bernardelli P-018 Pistol

Originating in 1865 as gun barrel makers, Bernardelli manufactured service revolvers for the Italian army, 1929-33, and entered the commercial pistol market in 1945. The Bernardelli P-018 pistol was first produced in 1982. Design Intended originally as a military and police pistol, the Bernardelli P-018 pistol is most usually found in 9 mm caliber, though …

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Beretta 81 and Beretta 84

Beretta 81 and Beretta 84 are members of the double-action family which appeared in 1976. They have met with considerable success both in adoption by many police and security forces and in commercial sales. Design In many respects, they are updated versions of the well-known Model 1934 Beretta which armed the Italian military forces until …

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Astra .44 Magnum Revolver

Astra .44 Magnum Revolver

The Astra .44 Magnum Revolver is designed and manufactured by Astra Unceta company. As stated the Astra Unceta company has a long record of manufacturing automatic pistols but they did not go into the revolver business until 1958, and it was several years before they went as far as an Astra .357 Magnum revolver. They …

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