Pistols and revolvers used by the most elite special forces units around the world

Beretta 93R Machine Pistol

Beretta 93R

This is an advanced weapon based on the Model 92 but with several additional features which place it in the “machine pistol” category. It has been adopted by Italian Special...

CZ-Colt Z40 pistol

CZ-Colt Z40

The CZ-Colt Z40 dates from 1998. The pistol was developed by CZ together with Colt. Colt wanted to make a good double-action pistol but had never managed to master the...

US Army Standard issue sidearm Beretta M9

Beretta 92

Originally designed for the Italian army and police, the Model 92 pistols earned most of their fame (both good and bad) as the standard sidearm of the US military. It...


Colt M1911 and M1911A1

The Colt M1911 vies with the Browning HP as one of the most successful pistols designs ever produced, for it has been manufactured in millions and is in widespread service all over...

Belgian Fabrique Nationale (FN) FNP-45


The FNP-45 pistol is the next step in the evolution of the FNP 9 / FNP 40 pistols line. First announced in 2007, the FNP-45 is just one of the...

CZ 100 Pistol caliber

CZ 100

The CZ 100 pistol was introduced in 1995. It has a double-action-only trigger mechanism. This means it can only be fired in double-action. The firing pi returns to the starting...

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