Pistols and revolvers used by the most elite special forces units around the world

Screen Shot 2018 04 04 at 12.21.07 PM - The Bersa TPR9 - Bersa's finest handgun
Beretta 93R Machine Pistol
CZ-Colt Z40 pistol
US Army Standard issue sidearm Beretta M9

Colt M1911 and M1911A1

The Colt M1911 vies with the Browning HP as one of the most successful pistols designs ever produced, for it has been manufactured in millions and...
Belgian Fabrique Nationale (FN) FNP-45


The FNP-45 pistol is the next step in the evolution of the FNP 9 / FNP 40 pistols line. First announced in 2007, the...
CZ 100 Pistol caliber

CZ 100

The CZ 100 pistol was introduced in 1995. It has a double-action-only trigger mechanism. This means it can only be fired in double-action. The...
Walther PPS for every day carry

Walther PPS

Walther PPS (Polizei Pistole Schmal – Police Pistole Slim) is a most recent offering from the famous German gunmaking company Carl Walther GmbH. It...

IWI Jericho 941

Israel is a nation that lives the dramatic feeling of being in constant pre-alarm and, despite having a relatively short life, only 63 years...
Glock 17 most popular pistol among law enforcement and military users

Glock 17

When it first appeared in the early 1980s, the Glock pistol seemed to break all the rules. Largely made of plastic, its design made...