$3,000 AR-15 vs $1,000 AR-15: Lightweight Carbines Compared

Illustration photo (Photo: Pinterest)

Listing the prices of the parts on these firearms, both YouTubers The Late Boy Scout and DocTacDad want to see whether the 3,000$ is better than the 1,000$ AR-15.

They start with the rifles accuracy and how easy it is to shoot them. After testing they call the 1,000$ AR-15 louder than the 3,000$ one and the scope doesn’t work that well, but the cheaper one is lighter in weight. Both firearms have their flaws that’s for sure but they’re satisfied with them. Basically, both YouTubers like their own firearm better since it’s what they are used to. They are both good effective firearms, easy to shoot with, lightweight, and an impressive design.

$3,000 AR-15 vs $1,000 AR-15: Lightweight Carbines Compared (with DocTacDad)

Which A5-15 would you guys chose? Remember just because a gun is expensive it doesn’t have to mean that it’s better at shooting. Let us know what you think!

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