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Army Gear Tactical Flashlight is a good emergency kit. It is vital for the survival of you and your family. For many people, the question isn’t if an emergency will happen, but when will it occur. Whether it’s a natural disaster or car breakdown, you want to be prepared for the worst. That’s why you’ll want to make sure your emergency kit has all the essentials like the Army Gear Tactical Flashlight.

Technical aspects

There’s nothing worse than being caught without a flashlight when the electricity goes out. It can be scary and dangerous when you’re forced to feel around in the dark for the path out of the building. Thankfully, you’ll be prepared and have the same flashlight used by Special Forces to help illuminate your path. Providing 800-lumen brightness, the Army Gear Tactical Flashlight can light up your surroundings to miles away.

These military-grade tactical flashlights provide a powerful 800-lumen output that can be seen for miles around and is housed in a weatherproof, indestructible, and ultra-lightweight titanium alloy shell. The same flashlights used by various Special Forces operators, the tactical head can be used to shatter glass and apply the necessary defensive force to stop intruders.

5 different built-in lighting modes make Army Gear Tactical Flashlight
A 5 different built-in lighting modes make Army Gear Tactical Flashlight versatile in use (Photo: DailyCaller)

Built-in lighting modes

You have the option to choose between 5 different built-in lighting modes to best suit your situation. The adjustable chassis allows you to select the ideal amount of light coming out. The exterior is constructed out of a sturdy and lightweight titanium alloy shell. A great addition to every inventory and it could be very useful for various tasks. From the ordinary civilian life to the military or law enforcement tasks. It is a strong and reliable source of light suitable for both, civilian and professional users. It can be bought for a bargain price in various internet shops.

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