Astra Model A-80 Auto Pistol

Astra A-80 Pistol
Astra A-80 Pistol (Photo: XY)

The Astra Model A-80 pistol was designed and produced in Spain by Astra Company. It has been manufacturing automatic pistols since 1908. It has been providing Spanish military and police pistols since 1913 and has thus gained valuable knowledge of practical requirements as opposed to theoretical desires, and this shows in their Astra A-80 pistol.

Astra A-80 Pistol

The Astra A-80 pistol is very much in the modern idiom – a double-action weapon with a large magazine. It is compact, simply built and easy to disassemble, yet it is also of a respectable weight so that it points well and balances nicely in the hand. The breech is locked by the normal Browning swinging link, though, as, in most of today’s model, the link is actually a shaped cam that withdraws the barrel downwards from engagement with the slide.


Safety is attended to by having the firing pin positively locked by a sprung plunger except for the actual moment that the hammer is released by trigger action, at which time a portion of the trigger linkage lifts the plunger out of engagement and frees the firing pin.

There is a de-cocking lever on the left side of the frame, its thumb catch just behind the trigger guard. Depressing this drops the hammer to be caught on the rebound notch, after which pulling the trigger will double-action the hammer to full cock and then drop it. An interesting point is that this de-cocking lever can be moved across to the right side for left-handed shooters.

Astra Model A-80 A80 .45 ACP Semi Auto Pistol
Astra Model A-80 A80 .45 ACP Semi Auto Pistol (Photo: Astra Company)

The foresight on Astra Model A-80 is a blade with a whitened rear face, and the backsight has a white line below the ample notch so that they can easily be picked up and aligned in poor light. But the rear sight is fixed, except that it could possibly be drifted sideways for zeroing. Even so, the sights appear to be well aligned from the factory and the range performance with a stock model was satisfactory.

The Astra A-80 pistol is also manufactured in .38 Super and .45 ACP chambering; in the latter case, the magazine holds 9 rounds.

Technical specifications

Manufacturer: Astra, Unceta y Cia, Guernica, Spain
Type: locked-breech double-action semi-automatic
Caliber:  9 mm Parabellum
Barrel: 3.75 in (95 mm)
Weight: 34,02 oz (970 g)
Magazine capacity: 15 rounds
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