Can a soldier use an enemy weapon in combat?

Author: Roland Bartetzko

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In many movies, it is portrayed that combatants use an enemy weapon and engage them, but how is it possible in modern warfare? Is it regular on some occasions to use an enemy weapon?

My experience during the Kosovo War

During the Kosovo War, I took an AK-47 Kalashnikov from a dead enemy soldier. We had booby-trapped a little shop in our village, and when a group of enemy soldiers entered the building, they activated our device. We went to check out the place two days after the explosion, and aside from ‘my’ Kalashnikov, we found another AK-47, a backpack, a watch, and some other military gear.

My standard rifle was an Austrian ‘Sturmgewehr 58’, which was quite big and heavy as it used the more powerful 7.62 X 51 mm NATO cartridge. Therefore, my ‘new,’ smaller rifle made for an excellent secondary weapon. Luckily, our unit also used a lot of AKs, and consequently, we had plenty of ammunition for it.

Roland Bartetzko and his ‘Sturmgewehr 58′ during military training
Roland Bartetzko and his ‘Sturmgewehr 58′ during military training (Photo: Private)

When I fought in open terrain or a defense position, I took the ‘Sturmgewehr’ with me as it was the more accurate weapon, but during night fighting, ambushes, or in the forest, the AK proved to be superior. The ‘Sturmgewehr 58’ is literally an FN FAL rifle. It is one of the most widely used rifles in history, used by more than 90 countries. Because of its prevalence and widespread usage among the militaries of many NATO and first world countries during the Cold War, it was given “The right arm of the Free World.”

Guerilla tactics: Use an enemy weapon in combat

I was fighting in a guerrilla army and therefore didn’t even have to ask anyone whether I was ‘allowed’ to use my new weapon or not. However, in a more conventional army, you might get into trouble running around with an enemy’s weapon. After a few months in combat, many special operations forces and other fighting units with combat experience make their own rules regarding the use of enemy equipment.

Can a soldier use an enemy weapon in combat?
AK-47 Assault Rifle (Photo: XY)

One of those rules is that you are free to do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t hurt your or your unit’s combat performance.

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