CBC Combination Gun: Interesting and unusual weapon

by Eric Sof

CBC Combination Gun

CBC Combination gun is an exciting and unusual weapon. It is the product of a company better-known for ammunition than for firearms. However, it has considerable domestic sales of shotguns to its credit. The Combination Gun is a basic action to which either a 20-gage shotgun barrel or a .30-30 rifle barrel can be quickly mounted. It seems to be an eminently sensible working weapon for anyone living in the wilds.


The basic action is a concealed hammer, similar to a shotgun and carried in a simple receiver unit. To this, the barrel can be attached by simply hooking the lump over the cross-pin and attaching the fore-end by means of a spring latch. The result is tight-fitting, and the action can be dropped open for loading by pressing on a catch in the front of the trigger guard.

The rifle barrel is provided with a ramp front and adjustable folding leaf rear sight and standard grooves for mounting a telescope sight. The shotgun barrel has a simple front sight bead. One advantage of this action is that it suits both right and left-handed shooters equally well.

CBC Combination Gun - close view of trigger
CBC Combination Gun – close view of trigger (Photo: XY)

The shotgun delivers good patterns with consistency, while the rifle barrel is as accurate as most shooters would ask, giving three-inch groups at 100 yards from rest. Altogether this is a well-throughout-out combination, practical and robust, capable of adequate accuracy, and remarkably inexpensive for what it gives.

Technical specification

Manufacturer: Companhia Brasilero de Cartouchoes (CBC), Sao Paulo, Brazil
Type: rifle-shotgun combination
Gauge: .30-30 and 20-gauge
Barrels: shotgun: 28 in (711 mm); rifle: 26 in (660 mm)
Weight: 6.78 lbs (3.07 kg)
Magazine capacity: one round per barrel

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