CZ 100: A double-action-only classic

CZ 100 Pistol caliber

The CZ 100 pistol was introduced in 1995. It has a double-action-only trigger mechanism. This means it can only be fired in double-action. The firing pin returns to the starting position after every shot and is then blocked. When the trigger is pulled, the firing pin (spring) is cocked—the CZ 100 locks with a chamber block in the barrel in the ejection port of the slide.


The CZ 100 has a sliding catch on the left of the frame, at the top of the grip. The catch above the trigger guard is used to disassemble the weapon. The magazine catch is also on the left, behind the trigger guard. This trigger guard is extra large so that it is also possible to shoot with a gloved hand.

The peg on the slide behind the ejection port is a characteristic feature. This serves to cock the weapon with one hand. The shooter can press it against a fixed object so that the pistol is recocked. The CZ 100 is available in 9 mm Para and 9×21 mm calibers with a magazine capacity of 13 rounds. A third model in .40 S&W caliber for ten cartridges has compensator holes in the barrel and the slide.

New CZ 100 Model
Ceska Zbrojovka’s Model CZ 100 (Photo: XY)

The total length of the CZ 100 pistol is 177 mm. The barrel length is 95 mm, and the weapon weighs only 645 grams (22 and a half oz). The height is 130 mm (5 inches), and the gun is 32 mm (1 and quarter inches) wide. Apart from the automatic firing pin safety, this pistol does not have any other safety systems. The frame is made of synthetic material, and the weapon has a steel slide. There is a rail at the front at the bottom of the frame. Various devices can be secured in this, such as a torch or a laser.

Model CZ 101

In 2000, CZ introduced the model CZ 101. This is the double-action model of the CZ 100. The CZ 101 has a cartridge indicator, an automatic firing pin safety, and a combined slide catch/uncocking lever on the left of the frame. This latest model has a magazine for seven cartridges.

Technical Specification

Manufacturer: Ceska Zbrojovka, Czech Republic
Type: double-action-only
Caliber:  9mm Parabellum, 9x21mm
Barrel: 3.74in (95mm)
Weight: 22.75oz (645 gm)
Magazine capacity: 13 rounds



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