Derya ZY9: The Turkish Solution for Close Combat

by Eric Sof

derya zy9 in case

The Derya ZY9 is a line of semi-automatic personal defense weapons manufactured by the Turkish company Derya Arms. While the company is primarily known for its extensive line of tactical, defensive, hunting, and sporting shotguns, the Derya ZY9 is a sleek and reliable series of firearms chambered in 9mm Luger. These weapons are solidly built, lightweight, and highly functional, making them ideal for personal defense, home and property protection, and duty use, especially by private security personnel. The design of the Derya ZY9 prioritizes usability and effectiveness, focusing on ensuring a fast and reliable response in high-stress situations.


The Derya ZY9 is a tactical firearm designed for close combat scenarios. Its lightweight and ergonomic structure make it both effective and comfortable to use. With a firing rate of 800 rounds per minute, the Derya ZY9 has an effective range of up to 100 meters with a 5.9-inch barrel and 200 meters with a 10-inch barrel.

Derya ZY9 B6-10 AD 9x19mm short barrel rifle
Derya ZY9 B6-10 AD 9x19mm short barrel rifle (Photo: XY)

It is worth noting that in most of Europe, the Derya ZY9 line would be classified as handguns, regardless of the presence of a stock. This is because the barrel length versus the overall length ratio determines the definition of a pistol or a rifle. In contrast, the United States only considers the baseline Derya ZY9 B6 as a pistol. The other variants are classified as Short Barrel Rifles (SBRs) and are subject to NFA (National Firearms Act) rules.


The Derya ZY9 series is a line of high-quality firearms that can be used in semi-automatic mode. These weapons are designed with a hard-anodized, black lightweight aluminum alloy upper and lower receiver and are available in two different barrel lengths of either 15 cm / 5.9″ or 25 cm / 10″. The weapons are compatible with 9mm Luger Glock magazines of any make and capacity, making them highly versatile.

Derya ZY9 B6-10 AR 9x19mm short barrel rifle
Derya ZY9 B6-10 AR 9x19mm short barrel rifle (Photo: XY)

The Derya ZY9 series features a simple straight blowback working system, which provides an optimal balance between simplicity, reliability, ease of use and maintenance. The firearms come equipped with a 22mm Picatinny rail, allowing for the installation of various equipment, a folding mechanical visor and an adjustable stock. The black machined aluminum alloy M-LOK handguard and AR-15 style control configuration add to the weapon’s versatility.

With a weight ranging from 1.8 to 2 kg (3.9 to 4.4 lbs.), depending on the configuration, all entries in the Derya ZY9 family of weapons field-strip just like an AR-15. These weapons come with an AR-15 compatible grip and can be equipped with an M4-type buffer tube and collapsible buttstock. Additionally, all models come from the factory with a full-length top machined MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail for optics and a set of removable polymer flip-up sights.

Derya ZY9 B6-10 CH 9x19mm short barrel rifle
Derya ZY9 B6-10 CH 9x19mm short barrel rifle (Photo: XY)


There are currently four entries in the Derya ZY9 series, each with unique features. The Derya ZY9 B6 semi-automatic pistol comes with a rear screw-on cover and a sling swivel, while the Derya ZY9 B6-10 AD short-barrel rifle features a PDW-type fully collapsible buttstock.

Derya-ZY9-B6-MagWell and trigger
Derya-ZY9-B6-MagWell and trigger guard (Photo: XY)

The Derya ZY9 B6-10 AR short-barrel rifle has a 6-position telescopic buttstock installed on an M4-type buffer tube, and the Derya ZY9 B6-10 CH short-barrel rifle is essentially identical to the B6-10 AR model but features an AR-15 type charging handle instead of a side-mounted cocking handle, as used by all the other entries in the line.

The Derya ZY9 B6 is also available in a submachine gun version for military, law enforcement, and government customers, featuring a cyclic rate of 800 rounds per minute in full-automatic fire.

Technical specifications

Country of origin:Turkey
Manufacturer:Derya Arms
Model:Derya ZY9
Capacity:14+1, 17+1
Barrel Length:15cm / 5.9.” 
Weight:1,8 Kg
Stock:Back Cover

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