Enota za Specialno Delovanje (ESD)

Enota za Specialno Delovanje (ESD) from Slovenia 5

Even the Slovenian Armed Forces has its own special unit, called the Enota za Specialno Delovanje (ESD) in English Special Operations Unit which is the successor of special brigade MORiS from which they retained the character patch of lynx in the lime leaf.

Professionalism, military professionalism, motivation and the ability to command and control in the most difficult situations are the fundamental virtues of the members of the ESD. They are known for their skill, forcefulness, effectiveness and sincere loyalty to his unit, the Slovenian Armed Forces and the Republic of Slovenia. Due to extremely high standards in the unit, candidates must have in the selection process show a high degree of physical and mental readiness, motivation, ability to work in extreme conditions and a desire to become elite members of the Slovenian Armed Forces.

This unit had it’s operations in the following: ISAF, UNIFIL, EUFOR, Tchad/RCA.

Here is a list of some equipment used by ESD:

  • FN F2000
  • H & K MP5
  • H & K MP7
  • SIG Sauer P226
  • Beretta M92
  • PGM Ultima Ratio Commando
  • PGM Mini-Hecate
  • PGM Hecate II
  • FN Minimi

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