FABARM SDASS: A tactical shotgun solely designed for police and security

FABARM SDASS Tactical shotgun
FABARM SDASS Tactical shotgun (Photo: YouTube/GunsForum)

The Fabarm SDASS Tactical shotgun is solely designed for police/security use. It has some unique features, including folding front sight, built-in Picatinny style rails on the top of the receiver, and a lengthened forearm to provide better control over the shotgun itself.


SDASS shotgun is manufactured in Italy in various styles, with numerous add-ons, depending on the model.

The Fabarm SDASS Tactical is the main stock variant; the others stem from this design with slight body variety. However, the internal mechanisms on the gun are the same. The shotgun’s name SDASS is delivered from Special Defence And Security Shotgun. The shotgun is aimed at security personnel.

Fabarm SDASS Tactical shotgun
Fabarm SDASS Tactical shotgun (Photo: XY)

The FABARM SDASS line of pump-action shotguns is based on a single action/receiver group. The receiver is constructed from the aluminum alloy, while the bolt locking is achieved by a swinging piece built into the bolt, which engages the notch in the barrel extension to lock the bolt to the barrel.


FABARM SDASS Tactical shotgun feed is from an under-barrel tubular magazine that holds up to 7 rounds (total capacity is eight rounds, considering one loaded in the chamber). Sliding for the end is of relaxed profile and is lengthened rearwards to provide better control over the shotgun in various firing positions. An optional forend return spring can be installed over the magazine tube by the user to make forward (chambering) action of the forend faster and easier.


Gun’s furniture is made from polymer and can be had in a wide variety of styles:

  • fixed buttstock with semi-pistol grip, fixed
  • fixed buttstock with a separate pistol grip, a side-folding stock with a pistol grip,
  • side-folding stock with a pistol grip,
  • pistol grip only

The FABARM SDASS barrels have established TriBore bore profile and can be equipped with interchangeable chokes or muzzle brake/compensator. Some models of SDASS shotgun are fitted with a Picatinny-type rail on the receiver, which permits installation of various sights (i.e., red dot / collimating sights).

Technical specifications

Type: Pump-action
Gauge: 12, chamber 76mm / 3”
Length: n/a
Barrel length: 510 mm
Weight: 3 kg
Capacity: Seven rounds in under barrel tube magazine + 1 round in a chamber

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