Glock 25: One of the rare pistols that was banned in the United States

Glock 25 is banned in the United States Glock 25 is banned in the United States
Glock 25 is banned in the United States by the Gun Act from 1968 (Photo: XY)

Glock 25 (G25, Model 25) is a specific pistol of small dimensions equal to those of the Glock 19, making it perfect for concealed carry. It was introduced at the IWA Outdoor Classics in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1995. It is chambered in .380 ACP (9 mm Short), which wasn’t so popular in the United States at the time.


The market indicated that Glock should add a model in this caliber to expand the range of its products. So, the Glock 25 is, in fact, a blowback derivative of the compact Glock 19. The length of the barrel is 102 mm (4 in) and has a hexagonal profile with a right-hand twist of 250mm. It has a standard magazine capacity of 15 rounds and can use a special magazine to extend the capacity up to 17 rounds. Nevertheless, it is only 30 mm wide.

Glock 25 is a Austrian-made pistol chambered in .380 ACP
Glock 25 is an Austrian-made pistol chambered in .380 ACP (Photo: XY)

The standard fixed sight elevation is 6.9 mm, unlike the 6.5 mm elevation used for the 9×19mm models. Glock 25 has a total length of 174mm. The height of the weapon is 127 mm, and the weight is 570 g without the magazine. The trigger pressure is about 2500 g.

Saturday Night Special

The magazine capacity and caliber are one of the main reasons why Glock 25 was banned in the United States until 2004. The American Crime Bill at the time prohibited a magazine capacity of more than ten rounds for civilian use. Because of this restriction on the magazine capacity and heavy competition, this model was not for sale in the USA at the time.

Well, it was technically “banned,” but it was mostly a marketing trick because it wasn’t imported to the United States because of the low interest.  In 1968, the Gun Control Act cut off the supply of cheap handguns from Europe into the US. Those weapons were known as Saturday Night Special. New Gun Control Act established a point system that makers had to follow to get their guns eligible for import.

Sadly, the .380 ACP chambered Glock 25 does not grade out enough points to make it legal. The points system was introduced to determine a handgun’s “sporting purpose.” These points are awarded based on criteria including the gun’s length, height, weight, caliber, construction, safety, features, sights, and grips. (1968 Act, 935(d)(3)).

Many pistols were banned because of the 1968 gun control act. Import pistols have to earn so many points to be legally imported. It is why the Walther PPK post 68 had to be made in the USA, and Walther created the PPK/S (PPK slide and barrel on PP frame) to get German-made pistols imported. Today, some countries still don’t allow citizens to have firearms of the same caliber as the military and police.

Technical specifications: Glock 25

Manufacturer: Glock Ges.m.b.H., Austria
Type:  short recoil, locked-breech, semi-automatic
Caliber: .380 ACP
Barrel: 4.02 in (102 mm)
Weight (empty): 22.75 oz (645 grams)
Magazine capacity: Standard: 15 rounds; Optional: 17 rounds
  1. Um… there is NO law in the USA about civilians not being allowed to own magazines holding more than 10 rounds. (Except in a few select states). I can look over the rail of my bed and see 11+ over 10 round mags.

  2. Nathan, the 1993 Clinton “Crime Bill” authored by Sen. Joe Biden included gun control provisions limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds max. as part of its Assault Weapon Ban, which expired after 10 years. Police were exempted. Like all gun control laws, it did not apply to the military’s armed forces. New high capacity magazines were banned but those magazines imported or manufactured before the effective date were exempted (“Grandfathered in”). High capacity magazines produced before that date suddenly became valuable and sold for greatly inflated prices.

  3. The gun was never “banned” in the US, Glock made a determination that a .380 cal gun, the same size as a 9mm, would not sell, and they were selling every 17 and 19 that they could make, so it was a marketing decision, not a ban.

  4. Completely bogus incorrect article from another fool that knows nothing about history or guns.

    Glock didn’t want to compete in this market. That’s all. Their only banned guns are the full auto military versions.

    Also the AWB was about rifle setups and did not ban 30rd+ mags but also had much less to do with pistols. I believe only pistol setups like Tec-22 /AB10/ Tec-9 & the AR/AK/HK pistol setups were affected. Since those had threaded barrels & mags outside the pistol grip.
    Many imported high cap .380s like the CZ83 along with Tanfoglio, Bersa, Taurus and Berettas all imported into the USA just fine.

  5. The g 25 has. Not been imported fro a long time except to police. We never cared cause it was the same sized as the g 19 which is a 9mm. Now glock makes the 42 which is 380 and made I. Ga. No important issues. Import issues. Oh yeah I own a 42 and carry it at times

  6. Importation of these into the U.S. is prohibited by certain arbitrary legal factors. However, there’d be no reason Glock couldn’t manufacture them in the U.S. and sell them here (other than Glock’s apparent lack of desire to do so).

  7. In Massachusetts it’s illegal to own a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds, civilians are also barred from owning any Glock unless it’s a pre ban. LE can buy what ever they want.

  8. Who do we call in congress to tell them we will vote them out if they attempt to ban guns with American citizens.

  9. The level to which the United States government, specifically those elected will lie, cheat, and steal from a hungry child are mind boggling. I can own a hundred 10 round magazines, proficiently shoot and change mag for mag very quickly. I am no danger to the public, Hell I’m one of them willing to put it all on the line for my family and friends. Those elected officials would push me in front of the bus to stop it. They are key board cowboys not men.

    Sorry to digress but those that have such limited experience with weapons not knowing what end of the clip to stick in first or how to charge the weapon have zero experience nor sense- STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM OUR SECOND AMENDMENT!!

    For all the sheep following the rest- do you really think the most secure building in the world can figure out whose cocaine was found? You’re idiots, there is a song about a drug dealer on speed dial. Well folks Hunter just asks a blue suit to make a little diversion pick up that’s never in any record.

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