IWI Jericho 941: Born in Battle

IWI Jericho 941 is a pistol made in Israel. Israel is a nation that lives the dramatic feeling of being in constant pre-alarm and, despite having a relatively short life, only 63 years after the birth of the State, has the dubious distinction of numerous attacks by its warlike neighbors.


The Jericho family resemblance to the Desert Eagle is entirely cosmetic; the operation is different under the skin. The Jericho 941 is a conventional recoil-operated pistol using the Browning tilting barrel controlled by a cam beneath the chamber. It is forged in fire and proven in a battle.


Therefore, the military needs and gunner have always been vital to this old and new strip of land, the center of three great religions, to the extent that defense spending is the highest globally. His most famous industry, IMI (Israeli Military Industries), now IWI (Israeli Weapon Industries) has generated flower of firearms from massive Tavor Galil to the system but also going for “failure of success” such as’ now-famous huge Desert Eagle pistol, rejected for military and police but very welcome to the civilian market.

IWI Jericho 941 was designed to resemble the IMI Desert Eagle pistol
IWI Jericho 941 was designed to resemble the IMI Desert Eagle pistol (Photo: XY)


In contrast to this “Goliath,” the industry above has given birth to a subsequent short weapon called Jericho 941 and also known become as “Baby Eagle,” which, in turn, has become a natural line with numerous variations.

IWI Jericho 941, characterized by the small size and borrowed from some models of the Czech CZ and the very Italian Tanfoglio, boasts the ability to shoot two different calibers and that the dynamic 9×19 mm (9 mm) and a powerful .40 S&W. Indeed, much of it is bought from Tanfoglio of Italy, then Ta’as Israel Industries (now IWI) being responsible for clothing the barrel and trigger mechanism in a body designed to resemble in the Desert Eagle.

One result of this cosmetic change is that the slide is designed to ride inside the frame instead of riding outside the frame. Though somewhat more difficult and expensive to make, this system gives the slide better support and generally provides better inherent accuracy.

There is a slide-mounted safety catch that also functions as a hammer de-cocking lever, and this is duplicated on both sides of the slide for the benefit of left-handed users. A conversion kit is available to alter the pistol from 9 mm to .41 calibers or vice versa; the components (barrel, return spring, and magazine) are supplied with the gun and are color-coded so that it is difficult to assemble the pistol wrongly.

IWI Jericho 941 US Market with Polymer Frame
IWI Jericho 941 pistol with polymer frame was exclusively produced for the United States market (Photo: XY)


He was loved by the Israeli security services, which have replaced the glorious but exceeded Beretta cal. 22 known as the Model 71, the IWI Jericho 941 allows a quick pull and instinctive thanks also to the configuration of the ‘grip and the natural position of the hand on it. Suitable for both operators, dextroses left-handed, double-action weapons can be easily hidden thanks to the not exaggerated dimensions and low weight.

The shot is fluid, not too violent for the 9 mm rounds, while it becomes much more challenging when dealing with the cal. 40. Its latest version polymer, complete with slide front accessories for a tactical flashlight or laser sight, is the best we can expect from this series; a few handguns in the world are really “Born in Battle.”

Technical Specification

Manufacturer: IWI (Israeli Weapon Industries)
Type: double-action/single-action
Caliber:  9mm Parabellum, .40 S&W.
Barrel: 4.4in (111mm)
Weight: 2.3lbs (1040 gm)
Magazine capacity: 16 rounds (9mm), 12 rounds (.40 S&W)
  1. While the pistol looks very interesting, the writing is less than optimal. Contextually, it’s appears to have been written by an ESL individual. Not wrong, just different and easily corrected if the time is taken to do so.
    Taking the time to make the corrections would have allowed for a an article which would be easier to read and make sense of.

  2. IWI Jericho 941 is the gun to own ! 9mm because you can get that round anywhere anytime ! IWI GETS IT RIGHT EVERYTIME! Buy 2 ,one for each hand ! Learn to shoot left and right! When your in combat ” real thing combat ” you’ll wish you did ! A REAL LIFE SAVER !!!!!

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