Mike Day, Navy SEAL and Silver Star Recipient, Passes Away at 47

Former Senior Chief Petty Officer (SEAL) Douglas “Mike” Day, who was shot 27 times during a 2007 deployment to Iraq and was awarded the Silver

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Mike Day Navy SEAL
Navy SEAL Silver Star recipient Douglas "Mike" Day (Photo: Youtube/Still CBN)

Former Senior Chief Petty Officer (SEAL) Douglas “Mike” Day, who was shot 27 times during a 2007 deployment to Iraq and was awarded the Silver Star, passed away on March 27, 2023. Day had a distinguished career in the Navy spanning 21 years and received several other commendations, including two Bronze Stars (one with valor) and a Purple Heart.

Douglas M. Day was born on May 24, 1975, in Honolulu, Hawaii, and was raised in Auburn, Washington. Tragically, he passed away at age 47 after enduring a prolonged struggle with PTSD. On March 27, 2023, he tragically took his own life.

In addition to his service in the Navy, Mike Day was a renowned author and advocated for wounded veterans. He also served as a tactical training instructor for special operations forces and law enforcement personnel. He founded Warrior Tribe, a non-profit organization providing veterans and trauma survivors with resiliency training resources.

Mike Day is shown here with his dog, Herja
Mike Day is shown here with his dog, Herja. (Photo: Instagram/mikeday5326/)

Mike Day’s memoir, “Perfectly Wounded,” recounts his experience as the first person to enter a 12 by 12 room during a hunt for a high-level al Qaeda operative. He engaged in an intense gunfight with four terrorists waiting to ambush him. He cleared the rest of the structure and rescued the six women and children inside despite being shot 27 times and sustaining multiple shrapnel wounds and a traumatic brain injury.

Mike Day spent nearly two years recovering from his injuries, losing over 50 pounds in two weeks while in the hospital. Although he recovered from his physical wounds, he suffered from invisible wounds such as PTSD and a traumatic brain injury that stayed with him for the rest of his life.

Mike Day during a recovery with his friend Gary Sinise
Mike Day during recovery with his friend Gary Sinise (Photo: togetherweserved.com)

Day was known for his resilience and ability to “just figure it out” in the face of trauma. He refused help from his Iraqi Scouts when leaving the structure after the gunfight, stating that he feared it would hurt more. Day’s heroism and unwavering determination to complete the mission inspired his fellow teammates, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of service members.

“We mourn the loss of an outstanding Naval Special Warfare teammate, former Senior Chief Mike Day. His courage and grit formed the standard we uphold in the community today, and we will always remember his service to the special operations community.”

Navy Times, Naval Special Warfare spokeswoman

In a message to Navy Times, a Naval Special Warfare spokeswoman expressed the community’s sorrow over Day’s loss. She praised his courage and grit, which set the standard for the community’s values. Day was a warrior’s warrior and will be remembered as a true American hero. Rest in peace, brother.

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Eric Sof holds a master's degree in Political Science, specializing in International Peacekeeping Studies. He has over a decade of experience as a former member of an elite counterterrorism unit. Additionally, he is a firearms instructor and currently serves as a member of the SWAT unit.

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  1. If he was born in 1975, then he was only 48 years of age. Sad ending for a heroic young man. ❤🙏

  2. What a great American Hero and Warrior!!
    We all hurt to think about his struggles with PTSD !!
    Such a sad ending to an Amazing Seals life !!

    My Pop was a B24 pilot in WWII and flew 31 missions!!
    He returned home and suffered from PTSD but they didn’t call it that back then. He was a Southern Gentleman but passed away at 56 years old from alcohol abuse and smoking!

  3. Mike Day —would have been a special meeting if we could have arranged, it but sadly it will not happen, would have been interesting mike -my name is mike day ex Rhodesian Light Infantry -special forces — walked away from chopper crash, hand grenade, landmine in the Rhodesian war 75-80

  4. How sad, such a remarkable man & hero. My deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

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