MV-3 Hystrix: The Multi-Mission Robotic Vehicle Revolutionizing Counter-Terrorism Operations

The threat of terrorism and hostage situations has continued to increase worldwide. As a result, innovative solutions have been urgently needed to help counter such

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MV-3 Hystrix with tactical operators onboard
MV-3 Hystrix with tactical operators onboard (Photo: XY)

The threat of terrorism and hostage situations has continued to increase worldwide. As a result, innovative solutions have been urgently needed to help counter such threats. One of the most recent innovations in this area is the MV-3 Hystrix, an electric robotic vehicle designed to support counter-terrorism, hostage release operations, and social unrest crisis missions. Developed by DOK-ING, a Croatian company, the MV-3 Hystrix is a world-unique vehicle that has been in development for three years, with an expenditure of $2.5 million on the project. The vehicle is designed to give tactical teams a significant advantage by providing a modular, configurable platform that can be used with or without the team. The MV-3 Hystrix’s unique features and capabilities are described in this article.

Tactical Advantage through Mobility and Protection

Counter-terrorism interventions pose significant threats to tactical teams due to the limitations of personal ballistic protection. The MV-3 Hystrix gives tactical teams the advantage of using the system with or without the team, allowing flexibility and a modular approach without putting tactical members in danger. The MV-3 Hystrix can be configured for various missions and has mission-oriented tools. It provides full situational awareness (video, audio, detection, etc.), transport, and equipment delivery capabilities.

MV-3 Hystrix robotic vehicle side view
MV-3 Hystrix robotic vehicle side view (Photo: DOK-ING)

The MV-3 Hystrix’s mission-configurable platform is one of its key features that makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

Possible Tactical Utility without Tactical Team

  • Breaching and Dynamic Entry
  • Activities in EOD and CBRN Threat Areas
  • Transport and Equipment Delivery

Possible Tactical Utility with Tactical Team

  • Ballistic Protection of Tactical Teams
  • Increased Fire Power
  • CASEVAC (Casualty Evacuation) Capability
  • Transport of Ballistic Shields and Other Specialist Equipment
  • Obstacle Clearance and Removal of Suspicious and Dangerous Objects
  • Dynamic Entry and Clearance
  • Situational Awareness (detection, video, audio, etc.)

The MV-3 Hystrix’s capabilities make it an invaluable tool for law enforcement and military special forces. It provides significant advantages that help them deal with critical situations more effectively and efficiently.

MV-3 Hystrix robotic vehicle side view
MV-3 Hystrix robotic vehicle side view


The MV-3 Hystrix can be easily moved by different means of transportation, including air, water, and land. The most frequent transportation type is by road, which can be loaded on an ordinary truck, car hauler trailer, or tractor-trailer. A standard 20′ container is ideal for delivery by sea. Road transportable with a standard trailer, the MV-3 Hystrix can be transported to any location, providing maximum flexibility and mobility for tactical teams.

MV-3 Hystrix robotic vehicle side view
MV-3 Hystrix (Photo: DOK-ING)

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Operations

The MV-3 Hystrix is intended to be used by police and military special forces for indoor and outdoor operations. The vehicle can be quickly adapted to various tactical situations, such as foldable ballistic shields and interchangeable tools that enable more accessible and faster approaches to the operational area. The MV-3 Hystrix is designed to provide maximum situational awareness to its users, with full video, audio, and detection capabilities.

MV-3 Hystrix front view
MV-3 Hystrix (Photo: DOK-ING)


DOK-ING is a Croatian company specializing in designing and manufacturing remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for various applications, including demining, firefighting, and tunneling. The company was founded in 1991 by Vjekoslav Majetić, the company’s CEO.

DOK-ING’s flagship product is the MV-4, a remotely operated mine clearance system that can be operated from a safe distance using a portable control unit. The MV-4 is designed to clear anti-personnel and anti-tank mines and other explosive devices and can operate in various environments, including rough terrain, deep water, and confined spaces.

MV-3 Hystrix front view
MV-3 Hystrix (Photo: DOK-ING)

In addition to the MV-4, DOK-ING produces a range of other remotely operated vehicles, including the MK-2, a firefighting robot that can enter burning buildings and extinguish fires using water or foam, and the XD, a tunneling machine that can excavate tunnels in hard rock.

DOK-ING has received numerous awards for its innovative products, including the Croatian Presidential Award for Innovation, the Red Dot Design Award, and the Golden Edison Award. The company has also collaborated with international organizations such as the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross to provide demining services in conflict-affected areas worldwide.

MV-3 Hystrix front view
MV-3 Hystrix front view (Photo: DOK-ING)

Technical specifications

Dimensional data*
Length:4700 mm
Width:2500 mm
Height:3450 mm
Weight:6800 kg
Operational Speed:8 km/h
Protection level of the ballistic shield:NIJ 0101.06 Type IV
Track Width:400 mm
Ground Pressure:0,5 kg/cm2
Ground Clearance:225 mm
Battery pack capacity:36 kWh
People carrying capacity:8 people
Payload:700 kg
Storage box dimension (inside):160 cm x 84 cm x 28.5 cm
* Standard configuration with detachable mobile shield and front foldable shield in an open state

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