Naval Special Operations Group | NAVSOG

Being one of the smallest elite unit of the Philippine Navy, the Naval Special Operation Group is trained in special operations, sabotage, physiological and unconventional warfare which is heavily influenced by the US Navy SEAL’s. They operate in sea, air and land starting from close combat, demolition, intelligence and underwater operations in support of overall naval operations.

Taking part in a number of counter-terrorism operations, most known for the Abu Sayyaf Group the units is highly-demanding physical training program is based on the US Navy Seal program. The Basic Naval Special Operations Course (NAVSOG) is the training program they have.

With each unit attached either to a task force or a naval force and a compliment that varies from 3 to 6 SEAL Terms, each team has an officer and seven enlisted men. It has 8 units located across the Philippines. To become a qualified Philippine Navy SEAL, officers and enlisted men successfully complete the six-month Basic Naval Special Warfare (SEAL Course). They are trained to be tactical divers, parachutists and demolitions.

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