Top 5 machine guns used by UAF

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24th, Ukrainian armed forces have gotten a lot of new weaponry. Some of it was received as donations, much was purchased, and a

Combat Beards: A fashion or a need?

The combat beards in the Special Operations Forces community are not new. The military community has seen various comebacks through time, and they can resist all it wants but not beards. Today,

9 Navy SEAL Quotes to Improve Your Life

Engagement and accountability are critical elements for growth, productivity, and profitability in any organization. But in this fast-paced twenty-first century age of disruption, improving engagement and accountability seems more challenging than ever

The Best War Movies That Won Oscar Right Now

The best war movies that won Oscar are updated with the World War II film “Hacksaw Ridge,” which details the life and legacy of U.S. Army Pvt. Desmond Doss. The Hacksaw Ridge won

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