The only publicly-available video showing real-deal Delta Force

Eric Sof

In the world of special forces, the only unit which secrecy has been kept all these years is Delta Force (1st SFOD-D). This video highlights real-deal Delta Force operators in probably the only publicly-available video available on the internet.

The video itself dates from 2008 and it leaked during the height of the Iraq war. The video crept its way onto YouTube and caused quite a splash when it hit the net at the time. Rumors around the video claimed it was put together by the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta to help recruit new members to “The Unit.” because, at the time, they were very seriously undermanned and at some operations, they were mixed with U.S. Navy Seals in order to be fully mission capable and operational.

The footage features tactical driving, vehicle takedowns from a Little Bird and Lots of breaching but most awesome of all (and for those who look carefully) viewers can see one of the final exams for future Delta operators during their assaulter courses. Take a look at this rare footage and enjoy.

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