ROSU – a specialized SWAT unit of Kosovo Police

ROSU - intervention police from Kosovo
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Kosovo is one of the youngest countries in the world which have gained independence from Serbia a few years ago. In the upcoming years, they were able to create their very own law enforcement forces. As the spike of their security system, they have created a ROSU.

Today, most police in Kosovo are employed as patrol officers. However, there is a part of the police forces that have specialized in investigative and specialized units. They are divided into six regions, including organized crime, the forensic unit, and a few others.

ROSU Kosovo Police
ROSU operators, special police unit from Kosovo during a security operation in Pristhina (Photo: Kosovo)


In addition to these specialized units, each region has its own Regional Operational Support Unit (ROSU). They are representing some kind of ordinary SWAT units. The members of ROSU are often called specialists. The unit operators are specially trained to perform the most difficult form of arrests, combat terrorism, and violent attacks and conduct dangerous search warrants. Their secondary objective is to prevent distortion of public peace in greater volume and they are often used to control crowds during violent demonstrations.

Special Police Unit from Kosovo named ROSU
The unit operators brandishing their weapons during a parade (Photo: XY)

The first specialized ROSU units in Kosovo were formed in the capital Prishtina, and at first, they appeared as a regional unit for street crime (Regional Street Crimes Unit). The unit in regular SWAT form was formed in 2002. The very first unit was stationed in Kosovo Polje and it was used to support the entire territory of Kosovo.

Other special units in Kosovo

In addition to ROSU units in Kosovo, there are other special units with similar or close responsibilities and tasks ( a relative of users and authorizations). The ROSU often cooperates with CPU, a Close Protection Unit, and the Special Intervention Unit (SIU).

Close Protection Unit within the Kosovo Police was formed on January 21, 2002. The main task of the CPU is to provide personal protection of Very Important Persons (VIP). In addition, the CPU unit also provides protection for persons who are under threat and who are under the witness protection program. The CPU also covers up tactical cover for foreign delegations and they are also responsible for the protection and in-case-of-emergency evacuation of international staff and police officers assigned to the EULEX mission in Kosovo.

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