Russian Special Ops Team for Hire and it isn’t a joke

Russian Special Ops Team for Hire and it isn't a joke 2020 image
Russian Special Forces – Spetsnaz (Photo: Vk)

Today, there are a lot of uncommon things and ways to deal business and earn money, but so far I never heard about possibility to hire a whole Special Ops Team for a prank. I have seen and heard a lot of stories related to Spetsnaz, heard so many fairy tales about Russia’s most elite soldiers, but this one is the craziest so far.

In an August 28 report, the BBC Russian Service detailed the inner workings of Russia’s special ops prank industry, which allows ordinary people to commission fake drug busts and other police operations for tens of thousands of rubles a pop.

In fact, there is a businesses service which offers a whole range of fake special ops services, from joyrides on tanks to demonstrations for children’s parties.  Where this world is going?

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