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SAB HSc80 Auto Pistol

The SAB HSc80 Auto pistol is an improved version of the Mauser HSc80. The Societe Armi Bresciane of Gardone Val Trompia, Italy is a relatively new company in the firearms field. They obtained a license from Mauser to manufacture the Mauser HSc automatic pistol in the mid-1990s. The Mauser HSc80 is prewar design, and SAB have done this for some time.


They have now made some improvements to the design. The butt has been lengthened, allowing the magazine capacity to be increased to 13 rounds, and the frame has been altered to give the trigger guard a recessed curve on its forward edge so as to make it suitable for a two-handed grip.

Mauser HSc pistol chambered in .32ACP caliber was an predecessor to the SAB HSc80 redesigned model
Mauser HSc pistol chambered in .32ACP caliber was a predecessor to the SAB HSc80 redesigned model (Photo: Mauser)

The SAB HSc80 can be obtained chambered for 7.65 mm ACP, 9 mm Short, or 9 mm Police cartridges. It retains the double-action feature of the original HSc, is a simple blowback, and in 9 mm Police caliber would appear to be a sound pistol for use by police or security forces or for home defense.

The SAB HSc80 has an ALL STEEL frame and Slide. It weighs 2 pounds empty. The magazine is a 13 round all-steel magazine that looks almost exactly like a Beretta M84 mag.  While the mag release is a thumb style popular in the US, it is semi-recessed and you really have to work in order to release the mag.


The SAB HSc80, also known as the SAB HSc Super, is a much larger weapon than it predecessor Mauser HSc80, with a longer butt to accommodate a 13-round magazine, the grip is reshaped to better suit a two-handed firing style, the barrel is slightly longer, and more calibers are offered.  The SAB HSc80 has sold well to civilians and some European police forces.

The HSc80 came in a couple of versions back in the early 80s. Some are marked HSc-80, some as SAB-2001, and some as HSc-Super.

SAB G-90

This is a standard-format modern high-capacity pistol.  Its 9x21mm chambering suggests it is meant for civilian use, and it uses a standard Browning operating system.  It is also available in 9mm Parabellum chambering, which is a military-only chambering in Italy, and .40 Smith & Wesson.  The G-90 Service Competition version is the same for game purposes but has a micrometer adjustable rear sight.

SAB G90 pistol
SAB G90 pistol was produced in Italy during the 1980s (Photo: XY)

The G-90 Competition pistol is barely recognizable as a G-90 derivative; the extended barrel has a large bare portion forward of where the barrel would normally end on a standard G-90, and the muzzle is tipped with a large two- or three-chamber compensator.  The safety is ambidextrous and the magazine release is enlarged.  The G-90 Competition has a micrometer adjustable rear sight.

SAB G-91

This is a compact pistol introduced in 1990.  It has a short barrel and bears a marked resemblance to the G-90.  The safety is ambidextrous and is a combined safety catch/decocker.

SAB G-2001

This is basically a bigger version of the Super HSc pistol, with some styling changes to the trigger guard and the shape of the butt.  The safety catch is also moved to the slide; when activated, the firing pin is moved completely out of alignment with the chamber and cannot contact the primer of any bullet that may be there.  It is meant to fit better in standard holsters than the Super HSc.

SAB G-2001 pistol chambered in .380 caliber
SAB G-2001 pistol chambered in .380 caliber (Photo: SAB)

Technical specifications: SAB HSc80

Manufacturer: Societe Armi Bresciane Srl, Gardone Val Trompia, Italy
Type: blowback, double-action, semi-automatic
Caliber: 7.65 mm ACP, 9 mm Short or 9 mm Police
Barrel: 3.34 in (85 mm)
Weight (unloaded): 24.07 oz (700 grams)
Capacity: 13 rounds



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