Salaries in French Foreign Legion

Operator from French Foreign Legion during the deployment in Mali
Operator from French Foreign Legion during the deployment in Mali (Photo: French Foreign Legion)

In recent times, often prompted with the question what is the average salary in the Foreign Legion legionnaires. Traces of these questions, we decided to investigate, how much one can earn a legionnaire during the first years of his career, and how his salary. To answer this question we found at the official presentation of the site for the recruitment of the French Foreign Legion. There are examples of salary depending on rank and length of service, as well as the units in which the legionary distributed. Is thus seen that the range of salaries for Legionnaires say is 1205 euros in the first regiment, while the second legionnaire parachute regiment is 1460 euros and a member of the 3rd rei Regiment has 1433 euros. Similar differences are moving in the following acts, which are not too insignificant differences.

According to their official position, wages in foreign legion to start, or for novoprimljenog legionnaires is 1043 euros provided that the legion provides lodging and meals, and this is true for every legionnaires during his first years in the Foreign Legion, to act corporala (2 up to 4 years). Provides legion, uniforms, food and lodging. Every legionnaire one year are entitled to annual leave of 45 days. The highest salary in the rank achieved legionnaires Regimentalnog sergeant major, who has 21 years of service experience. Their salaries range from 2078 euros in the first regiment in the second parachute with the same rank with 2427 euros, while in the third rei regiment, with the rank, salary out 2477 euros.

Examples salary
(Month – salary)

ACTSERVICE1 ° RE2 ° REP *3 ° REI **13 ° Dble ***
Legionnaire10 months€ 1205€ 1460€ 1433€ 3567
Corporal03 years€ 1226€ 1480€ 1452€ 3626
Senior Sergeant10 years€ 1303€ 1607€ 1600€ 3939
Sergeant7 years€ 1351€ 1648€ 1650€ 3929
Staff Sergeant10 years€ 1779€ 2095€ 1945€ 4186
Adjudant17 years€ 2007€ 2140€ 2180€ 4748
Regimental Sergeant Major21 years€ 2078€ 2427€ 2477€ 4818
Net salary (after various deductions, excluding health and social)

  • * Parachute bonus
  • Overseas fee ** (territory of France)
  • Overseas fee *** (abroad)

Various compensation is added to the salary.

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