Special Operations Group (SOG)

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The Special Operations Group (SOG) was part of Military Police in the Czech Republic. The unit itself was designated as an SOF unit and in that time, it was one the youngest unit in Czech Special Forces in 2002. They were disbanded in June 2009 by decree of the minister of defense.


The unit was supposed to hit the missions which were far beyond the reach of other departments of Czech Military Police. It means that they were supposed to resolve situations for which other units weren’t trained or equipped properly.

Special Operations Group Czech Military police
Operators from the Czech Special Operations Group performing training drills

Their tasks were closely related to the every branch of Czech Army, at home or abroad. Special Operations Group was responsible for the following tasks:

  • protection of important facilities and materials;
  • VIP protection (especially jobs);
  • Protecting civilian aircraft;
  • Police protection and assistance for especially dangerous criminals;
  • action against terrorism and serious crime, especially in military facilities.

Creation and abolition of SOG’s

SOG was created in the fall of 2002 and was repealed by Decree of the Minister of Defense in June 2009, which formally ceased to exist SOG.

Real world operations

During their existence, Special Operations Group took part in the significant amount of actions inside their jurisdictions. Some of them were publicly known, while some remained a secret. They took part in Czech operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as a part of International coalition.

2003 – Deploying Special Operations Group as part security detail for a field hospital in Iraq. Protection of Czech Embassy in Kuwait. Protection of Czech embassy in Baghdad. Part of the Military Police mission in the southern Iraqi city of Basra.

2004 – The British contingent in Iraq has invited members of the Czech Special Operations Group to assist them in protecting British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who came to visit, and their delegation

2005/06 – in the period of one year, the Special Operations Group was tasked with the protection of the brigade command center of KFOR in Kosovo. They were also working on gathering intelligence through human sources (HUMINT).

2006 – Implementation of the SOG in Iraq and Afghanistan.

2007 – SOG deployment in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan (  Helmand province).

2008 – SOG deployment in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan (Logar province). Targeted operations to apprehend insurgents.


SOG consisted of two departments: the Department of Protection for the Minister of Defense and the Combat Operation Department. Through the years, their specialization is changed over time. ThSOG Operators were constantly subjected to various training in order to improve their skills and build up their specialties like snipers, divers, technicians to handle explosives, technician, radioman, shooters, medics, drivers and other.


As the other SOF units in the Czech Republic, the member of Special Operations Group had at their disposal most modern personal weapons and vehicles from domestic and international market including:

  • Pistol Glock 17 (9 mm);
  • HK MP5 SD6 slot (9 mm);
  • Various modifications M4 rifle (caliber 5.56 mm);
  • Model 61 automatic pistol (caliber 7.65 mm) – Scorpion;
  • Sako TRG-22 sniper rifle;
  • Winchester 1300 shotgun;
  • M203 grenade launcher


  • Toyota Hilux vehicle prepared for combat in the desert (used in Afghanistan);
  • Iveco off-road vehicle
  • underwater scooter

Training and selection

The Special Operations Group usually used operators already serving in the Czech Special Forces, so at that point, training was not performed from basics. The goal of SOG training was to develop and improve individual skills, after which they approached tactical training and special training.

Extensive training in the use of a wide range of skills, martial arts were practiced on a daily basis.

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