Ivica Jerak, a distinguished member of the Delta Force

Ivica Jerak: The Croat who died as an American hero

Ivica Jerak, a Delta Force operator, was killed in the line of duty in northern Iraq in 2005. Delta Force is a specialized unit renowned for its expertise in urban warfare. Jerak tragically lost his

Kris Kristofferson 2

Kris Kristofferson: From Army Captain to Hollywood Star

Kris Kristofferson is a renowned Hollywood actor and a military veteran widely recognized for his country music and acting skills. However, if that fails to impress you, his tenure in the US Army certainly will.

Delta Force operators provide personal security for General Austin Miller; During his arrival to Kunduz Province, Afghanistan, 2019

Austin Miller: From Delta Force operator to 4-star General

Austin Miller is an American 4-star general and legendary Delta Force captain who led Delta Force operators during Operation Gothic Serpent (Battle of Mogadishu). Austin Miller was portrayed in the Hollywood blockbuster Black Hawk Down.

Pat Tillman: From Athlete to American Icon

Patrick Tillman was a gifted and accomplished American football player who gave up his life for the benefit of his nation. Tillman, a professional footballer and an Army Ranger, lost his life while on deployment

Jason Everman: From a rock star to Special Forces

The path from the rock star to a respectable Special Forces operator was easy for Jason Everman. Tales of combat stories from a friend, a former Navy SEAL, inspired Jason Everman, who was restless with

Luke Elliot Sommer

Luke Sommer: The Army Ranger who became a bank robber

Luke Sommer is a former United States Army Ranger who became publicly known as a bank robber. On August 7, 2006, Sommer and his crew robbed the Bank of America in Tacoma, Washington. After almost two