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Satellite Photos Confirm Chinese Military Buildup Just Outside Doklam

New satellite imagery has revealed that China is building an enormous military complex just miles from the site of their 10-week standoff with the Indian military along the Doklam Plateau over the summer of 2017. The new photos reveal that...


New J-16 Fighters Enter China’s Air Fleet

China’s J-16 fighter jets are quietly being introduced to the People’s Liberation Army Air Force at a faster rate than the country’s new fifth-generation J-20, though the latter has garnered much more international attention. At least two new squadrons of...


Chinese Military Shows Off Enhanced Missile Capabilities

A Chinese military newspaper has published new photos showcasing its short- and medium-range missiles, the South China Morning Post reported Tuesday. The People's Liberation Army Rocket Force recently tested DF-11 and DF-16 ballistic missiles, the Hong Kong newspaper said, citing...

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