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India speedily Tracks Procurement of Thousands of Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles

In the wake of two back to back terror strikes at Indian army camps, the country’s MoD has decided to shore up the infantry’s weapons stock. The infantry is facing a critical shortage of assault rifles, sniper rifles, and machine...

Sniper Rifles

Sako TRG

The Sako TRG is one of the most popular sniper rifles among special forces operatives. It is an accuracy concept designed to accomplish a single-minded mission: to hit the target – whatever it takes. The Sako TRG gives you performance...

AWM sniper rifle

The most advanced sniper rifles in the world

Sniper rifles have always been my weapon of choice. In the modern warfare, they are unavoidable subject in every infantry or special operations forces mission. Usually, snipers are our eyes and our advantage in the moment when the battle begins. From...

Sniper Rifles

Steyr-Mannlicher SSG-69

I have previously commented upon the recent rise in the use of bolt-action rifles for military sniping, replacing the earlier semi-automatics. One of the first to make this move was the Austrian Army, and the Steyr SSG-69 was the weapon...

The sniper rifle - Barrett M99 .50 cal
Sniper Rifles

Barrett M99

The Barrett Model 99 “Big Shot” rifle was first introduced in 1999 and is the latest development of the Barrett Firearms Co (USA), known worldwide by earlier .50 caliber rifles – semi-automatic M82A1 and bolt-action M95. The M99 is positioned...

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