Friedrich Wilhelm Heym SR-20 bolt action rifle with scope

Heym SR-20: A German-made sporting and hunting rifle

The Heym SR-20 is a sporting and hunting rifle designed and produced in Germany. It is considered a first-rate rifle with an exhibited European style craftsmanship like you should expect from a higher-end Mauser or

Kimber Model 82 Government was designed and developed by Greg Warne in 1987 for the U.S. Army needs

Kimber M82 Government: A fine-tuned sporting rifle

Kimber M82 is a bolt action .22 rifle developed by Kimber of Oregon. The bolt action .22 rifle was common in the United States in years gone by, but in the 1980s American makers were

Heckler & Koch HK770

Heckler & Koch HK770

Thanks to somewhat more intelligent gun legislation than the rest of Europe and to their natural advantages in respect of forests and hunting areas, the Germans still have a thriving home market for firearms which

Heckler & Koch HK300 Sporting Rifle

Heckler & Koch HK300

The HK300 might be called a ‘de-luxe’ version of the HK270; it is built to take a more powerful cartridge, but retains the same basic blowback mechanism and is generally to a higher standard of

Heckler & Koch HK270 sport rifle with scope

Heckler & Koch HK270

The Heckler & Koch HK270 is a sporting rifle with an interesting amalgamation of civil and military features and there is a suggestion that it may have originated in a design for a military training