RS9 Vampir: A first pistol developed by TRB

Operators from SAJ aiming with RS9 Vampir while taking cover behind the tactical shield Operators from SAJ aiming with RS9 Vampir while taking cover behind the tactical shield
Operators from SAJ aiming with RS9 Vampir while taking cover behind the tactical shield (Photo: TRB)

RS9 Vampir is a semi-automatic pistol developed by TRB in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was primarily designed to meet and surpass the needs of police tactical units, whilst satisfying the desires of other professionals, specialists and civilians.


The RS9 Vampir entered serial production in 2020 and is offered to civilian market in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was designed and manufactured by TRB (Tehnicki Remontni zavod Bratunac) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

RS9 is a combat pistol chambered in caliber 9x19mm Parabellum. The magazine capacity is 18 bullets. Since early 2020, the pistol is introduced to the inventory of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit of Republika Srpska. Among the operators of the unit, pistol has been praised as a good, reliable and suitable for duties they face off on daily basis.

Operators from SAJ brandishing their RS9 Vampir pistols
Operators from SAJ brandishing their RS9 Vampir pistols (Photo: TRB)

TRB is known also by production of the armored vehicles and other security equipment. Two models that are present on the market and developed for use of Police Tactical Units are Despot 4×4 APC and light weight armored car VIHOR.


The RS9 Vampir is a full-size pistol with grips made of polymer and industrial rubber, and an attachment for the fifth finger (base plate) on the magazine, which provides the shooter with a secure grip when used in all weather conditions. At the first view, with its shape and gabarites it strongly reminds of Crvena Zastava’s model CZ99, widely used in ex-Yugoslavia, but RS9 Vampir is completely different pistol.

Complete metal workmanship, Manufactured from aluminium alloy, precision engineered for minimal recoil and optimal specifications, outstanding functionality, and ease of use place the RS9 Vampir at the top of the choice when it comes to action in critical or given situations.

In fact, it is accurate, resilient, stable, versatile, comfortable, reliable and appealing pistol with specifications and technical characteristics that surpass its price range competitors and position it as one of the best choices available. We should note that it has Picatinny rail installed which will accept all types of modern additional equipment like flashlight, laser sights etc.

RS9 Vampir Standard Model
RS9 Vampir Standard Model (Photo: TRB)


RS9 Vampir is produced in two versions, that differentiates one from each other only in dimensions and weight. Those variants are:

  • Standard
  • Lux


RS 9 Vampir Lux model pistol is designed and created for all serious fans of prestige and exclusivity, with an interest in outstanding production and finishing. The grips and the fifth finger magazine extension are manufactured from duraluminium, whilst the pistol’s non-reflective black color is complemented by the golden elements of the engraving and the pure gold TRB medallion.

RS9 Vampir LUX Model
RS9 Vampir LUX Model (Photo: TRB)

With its state-of-the-art features, quality materials and exclusive finishing, this model RS9 Vampir pistol will not disappoint even the most demanding weapons connoisseurs.

Technical data

Country of origin:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Manufacturer:TRB (Tehnicki Remontni zavod Bratunac)
Model:RS9 Vampir
Firing mode:semi-automatic
Caliber:9×19 mm Parabellum
Magazine capacity:18 rounds
Frame:Aluminum alloy
Grips: Poliamid + kebaflex
Operation:Short recoil-operated, locked breach
Trigger system:single-action (SA), double-action (DA)
Trigger pull/weight:SA 2.2 kg / DA 5.5 kg
Trigger travel:13.9 mm
Trigger return travel:16.1 mm
Barrel length:108 mm
Twist rate:250 mm
Sight radius:161 mm
Weight without magazine:820 g
Weight with magazine:920 g
Weight fully loaded:1100 g
Total length:190.5 mm
Height:138.2 mm (with magazine: 150.6 mm)
Thickness:39.5 mm (slide width: 25 mm)
Rate of fire:120-140 rpm
Effective range: 50 m
Maximum range:150 m
Rifling:Six grooves
Type of rifling:hexagonal, polygonal
Barrel material:Chrome-molybdenum steel
Muzzle velocity:360 m/s
Muzzle energy:490 m/s (dependent on ammunition)
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