TRB VIHOR: A New Standard in Light Tactical Vehicles from Bosnia and Herzegovina

by Eric Sof

Vihor Light Tactical Vehicle side view

The VIHOR is a cutting-edge light tactical vehicle that boasts a modular chassis developed by TRB, a prominent arms manufacturer based in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On April 2022, it was officially unveiled to the public during the Police Day of the Ministry of Interior for the Republic of Srpska. The vehicle’s design and creation resulted from the collaboration between TRB’s engineers and the Republic of Srpska’s elite Special Antiterrorist Unit (SAJ).


The VIHOR shares a similar purpose with another TRB armored vehicle, the TRB DESPOT. Both vehicles have been crafted to undertake various tasks typically carried out by police and military units, and they are very similar to the US-made Oshkosh M-ATV. This cost-efficient vehicle concept is built on a versatile chassis and equipped with a state-of-the-art powertrain, complete with an independent suspension system. This setup grants the VIHOR superior mobility across various terrains and weather conditions.

Vihor Light Tactical Vehicle frontside
Vihor Light Tactical Vehicle – Frontside (Photo: TRB)

The idea of the Ministry was successfully realized in the Technical Overhaul, resulting in the creation of a vehicle with exceptional features. Following the DESPOT, this is the second combat vehicle produced by the TRB, and it will undoubtedly be a source of pride for the MUP of the RS, the TRB company, and any buyers.

Dragan Lukac, Minister of Internal Affairs of the RS


The VIHOR is a vehicle that is projected to weigh up to 8 tons, including a load capacity of 1.5 to 2.5 tons. It is designed for a crew of 2+2 or 2+3, housed in a separate, ballistic-protected compartment equipped with modular ballistic protection – reaching level B6, STANAG 4569 level 2, possibly level 3, and mine-protection up to level 2b as per STANAG 4569 standards. The compartment has four side doors and a multipurpose cargo area, which can transport personnel or special-purpose goods.

Vihor Light Tactical Vehicle other side view
Vihor Light Tactical Vehicle – Side View (Photo: TRB)

It is a four-wheel-drive vehicle; it features independent suspension of the front and rear axles and is fitted with aluminum forged wheels and 365/80R20 tires, including “run-flat” inserts, a central tire inflation control system. It is powered by a diesel engine with a minimum output of 200 kW.

The vehicle was created in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, whose idea was, intending to improve security in the RS and equip its police forces. The result was successfully realized.

Slaven Ristic, director of the TRB company

It has a 6-speed automatic transmission, a two-speed transfer case, as well as standard equipment such as A/C equipment, ventilation, five day/night cameras, GPS, a winch, a fire suppression system (for the engine compartment), gun ports, personal weapon carriers, specialized lighting, and sound signaling, a traction control system, an anti-lock braking system and a towing hook.

Vihor Light Tactical Vehicle back view
Vihor Light Tactical Vehicle – backside view (Photo: TRB)

Technical specification

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