Unique DES-69U Target Auto Pistol

Unique DES-69
Unique DES-69 chambered in .22 Target (Photo: XY)

Unique DES-69U is another specialized weapon, specially tailored to suit the requirements of the European Standard Pistol match, which is based on the U.S. National Match rules. The dimensions of the weapon and such parameters as sight radius, trigger pull, and weight are all closely regulated so that the manufacturer’s job is to produce the most accurate machine within those tolerances that he can.


Unique DES-69 is one of the best-known stock European pistols for this type of contest and it is made by a company that has been in the pistol business since 1923. It has a long record of successes and will be seen on almost every pistol range. The Unique DES-69 is a simple blowback using a heavy fixed barrel and a short breech-block/slide with long wings that run alongside the barrel and are serrated to provide finger grips for retracting the slide.

Unique DES-69U Target Auto Pistol
Unique DES-69U Target Auto Pistol (Photo: Worthpoint)

The wooden grip is anatomically shaped, with palm rest, and frame and grip run back, over the web of the thumb, to form a support for the rear, so as to take advantage of the maximum limits for sight radius of 8.6 inches (220 mm). The construction is such that the barrel ‘sits’ low in the hand, and since all mechanical movement is confined to a short space above the grip, there is minimal disturbance of aim with each shot. Balance weights of 150, 260, or 350 grams are provided and can be secured to the barrel, forward of the slide.

The pistol is hammer fired, the hammer operating in a well between the breech and the sight unit, though it is possible to reach it for thumb-coking. The five-round magazines are loaded through the bottom of the butt in the usual way, and there is a magazine release button low on the grip. The trigger is fully adjustable for reach, pull weight, slack, and backslash, and the sear spring is also capable of adjustment so that the shooter can tune the pull-off.

Ultimate accuracy

On the range, the Unique DES-69 is capable of ultimate accuracy, but most shooters agree that it should be tested with various brands of ammunition in order to find one which is ballistically suited. Once this is determined, half-inch groups at 25 yards should be possible.

Technical specifications: Unique DES-69U

Manufacturer: Unique SA, France
Type: blowback, semi-automatic pistol
Caliber: .22 Long Rifle RF
Barrel: 6 in (152 mm)
Weight (empty): 37 oz (1050 grams) (without weights)
Magazine capacity: 5 rounds


  1. Half inch accuracy at 25 yards? It should keyhole easily with nearly every available pistol ammo. In fact, Eley, RWS and Lapua cycled very well for me in my experience.

  2. I’ve just bought a well used one – goes really well, and with a steadier hand than mine, no doubt could achieve the accuracy mentioned. Mine has two magazines which each hold eight rounds. I find the safety catch very difficult to use. Mine has LH grips (suits me), and the mag release button is a bit of a challenge to use – maybe I’ll get used to it.


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