Meet HITRON an elite unit you probably never heard about

US Coast Guard HITRON specialized unit
HITRON operator aiming (Photo: XY)

The HITRON is a special unit of the US Coast Guard. The unit you probably never heard about. Each branch of the United States Armed Forces has its own special unit, proficient in using a sniper rifle — and the Coast Guard is no different. Surprised? You’re not alone.


Since 9/11 and the worst terrorist attack in United States history, many things are not the same. So the US Coast Guard has changed.

Today, they are under the Department of Homeland Security and its mission has been expanded which means they have far more responsibilities than it was before. The HITRON finds itself in the whole new role. From then to now, the unit has gone through a major reconstruction. In order to understand, you need to see this video which will reveal all about HITRON and you will see and discover the U.S. Coast Guard in an entirely new way.


HITRON is an abbreviation for Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron which has taken on certain responsibilities after the 9/11 attacks which are far beyond its traditional life-saving missions. Today, HITRON is an armed U.S. Coast Guard helicopter squadron specializing in Airborne Use of Force (AUF) and drug-interdiction missions. It is based at Cecil Field in Jacksonville, Florida.

Hitron US Coast Guard Snipers
HITRON snipers (Photo: US Coast Guard)

HITRON pilots and operators flew armed Agusta MH-68A Stingray helicopters from December 2000 until February 2008. At that time, the unit took on the mantle of the Atlantic Area Deployment Center and began flying the whole-new type of helicopters, an MH-65C Dolphin.


The HITRON squadron was originally armed with regular M16A2 rifles and mounted M240G machine guns. Those weapons were there for warning shots and self-protection. For disabling fire, the unit used the bolt-action Robar RC-50 .50-caliber rifle until it was replaced by a variant of the semiautomatic Barrett M107 .50-caliber rifle with an anti-corrosion finish. The rifle is fitted with an EOTech holographic weapon sight and an Insight Technology laser sight. The M14 Tactical, a version of the standard M14 with a Sage Enhanced Battle Rifle stock and improved muzzle brake, is also within the unit.

HITRON turned up into a truly special operations unit and already has gained even more respect for the complex mission of our smallest military unit. So, guess what? This is not your average U.S. Coast Guard video. You will encounter the modern Coast Guard so sit back and enjoy this intimate view into the 21st-century Coast Guard. After that, you’ll absolutely love HITRON.


  1. I was in the Coast Guard from 70 to 74 but I never had the opportunity to be in a squadron like you have in Jacksonville. My grandson just turned 15 and he says he wants to be a Green Beret sniper. I told him he might want to look into Hitron. He will be out of school in May and I wonder if y’all have any tours or anything where he could see what it’s all about?

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