Walther GSP: Sport Pistol for Standard Use

Walther GSP (also referred to as GSP-C) (Photo: Walther Arms)

Walther GSP (also referred to as GSP-C) is a series of pistols developed by Walther for various pistol competition types. The International Shooting Union (UIT) standard pistol contest has .32 as the minimum caliber. Since it is obviously advantageous to use the lowest caliber to have the least recoil and disturbance of aim, the .32 Smith & Wesson long cartridge became popular in Europe as a competition round.

Walther had developed their GSP pistol for .22 Long Rifle rimfire, and seeing the rise of interest in .32 S&W, they modified the design to centrefire and produced the Walther GSP-C.


The pistol has a fixed barrel and a reciprocating bolt that works inside the square receiver. A box magazine fits ahead of the trigger guard, which helps, with the heavy barrel block, to keep the weight forward and arrive at the balance preferred by contestants. The rimmed cartridge might be expected to give problems in feeding on the magazine, but this has been overcome by raking the magazine rather sharply so that the rounds are loaded with the rims ahead of each other; feeding is thus smooth, and feed jams are unknown.

Walther GSP Standard Target Pistol was chambered in .32 S&W Long
Walther GSP Standard Target Pistol was chambered in .32 S&W Long (Photo: Walther Arms)

The wooden grips are angular in appearance but fit the hand well, and there is a palm rest on the right side. The foresight is a blade, interchangeable for others of different height and thickness, while the rear sight is a leaf with a square notch, fully adjustable for elevation and windage.

A trigger assembly is an interchangeable unit; there are adjustments for slack, trigger position, travel, and weight of pull within certain limits; if these limits do not suit the fire, he can change the unit for one with a different range of pull tensions and begin adjusting again. A special training unit can also replace the trigger unit with a ratchet device and five ‘dry shots’ for every winding.

Accuracy is what one would expect from a pistol of this type and quality; groups fractionally over one inch at 25 yards when fired from a rest. Certainly, the pistol will be capable of as much accuracy as the firer will be able to put into it.

Technical specifications: Walther GSP

Manufacturer: Walther Arms GmbH, Sportwaffenfabrik, Ulm, Germany
Type: blowback, semi-automatic pistol
Caliber: .32 S&W Long
Barrel: 4.2 in (107 mm)
Weight (empty): 2.875 lbs (1305 grams)
Magazine capacity: 5 rounds


  1. hi
    this pistol is designed for shooting by ISSF rules and one of rules is to shoot only with one hand so i really dont understand why the guy shoots with second hand (i cannot even imagine how to grip the sec hand)

  2. Watching this person shoot a .32 competition pistol with two hands offends the sensibilities. I’m surprised he didn’t feel the need to fit some sort of optical sight on it.

  3. To answer the comments on this thread. You can buy Ambidextrous grips for this gun for two handed use. The .32 GSP is often used for the Service Unrestricted Match so it’s not just limited to ISSF..

  4. Does anyone know what these barrels are slugged for ? I have used .312 hollow base wad cutters but the barrel leads up and i get terrible accuracy
    I have also tried 314 solid base wad cutters and these are very very accurate, however many loads fail the drop test into the chamber ( simply put the projectiles seated in the case are too tight for the case to chamber properly)


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