Walther PPS: A powerful replacement for a venerable PPK

Walther PPS: A successor of the PPK
Walther PPS: A successor of the PPK (Photo: XY)

Walther PPS (Polizei Pistole Schmal – Police Pistole Slim) is the most recent offering from the famous German gun-making company Carl Walther GmbH. It was first shown publicly during IWA 2007 exhibition in Germany. It is proposed as a more powerful replacement for a venerable Walther PPK pistol, designed more than 75 years ago. PPS pistol is based on the proven Walther P99 design, specially adapted for concealed carry. PPS is only 23mm (~0,9 inches) wide, thanks to its single-stack magazines.


Walther PPS is a short recoil-operated, locked-breech pistol that uses modified Browning-type locking with a tilting barrel. The frame of the gun is made from impact-resistant polymer. The trigger is of Double Action Only type, striker-fired, with a pre-cocked striker system, similar to the QA system used in Walther P99 pistols.

Walther PPS is ideal for everyday carry
PPS is ideal for everyday carry (Photo: XY)

This system requires a manual re-cocking (by partial slide retraction) in the case of a misfire. The gun is fitted with an automated trigger safety and firing pin block; the removable backstrap of the grip provides additional “storage-type” safety. Once the backstrap is removed, the firing pin is automatically decocked, and the gun is blocked until the backstrap is reinstalled.

This patented system is called QuickSafe by Walther. Magazines for PPS pistols are single-stack and will be available in three sizes – 6-round (flush-fit), 7-round, and 8-round (extended). Sights are low-profile, with the rear sight adjustable for windage.

Operating mechanism

The Walther PPS is a short recoil-operated locked-breech semi-automatic pistol that uses a modified Browning cam-lock system adapted from the Browning Hi-Power pistol. The PPS has a glass-fiber-reinforced polymer frame and steel slide assembly. It can be broken down into its main parts or field stripped with a take-down catch without the help of tools.

Walther PPS M2 chambered in 9 mm is ideal for concealed carry
Walther PPS M2 chambered in 9 mm is ideal for concealed carry (Photo: XY)


The PPS features three safeties (trigger safety, internal firing pin safety, and QuickSafe feature). The external integrated trigger safety inner lever mechanism within the trigger serves as an additional passive drop safety. The pistol has a loaded chamber indicator in the form of a witness opening at the top of the slide/ejection port. The user can see if a cartridge is present in the chamber by looking into this opening.

Concealed carry

It’s a fine pistol – lightweight and far more accurate than a gun its size has any right to be. On the other hand, the PPS M2 has excellent accuracy and ergonomics. Considering it holds 6–8 rounds (which is nothing to sneeze at), I feel the little Walther is a superior carry pistol.

Technical specifications: Walther PPS

Country of origin:Germany
Manufacturer:Walther Arms GmbH, Sportwaffenfabrik, Ulm
Type:pre-cocked, double-action, semi-automatic pistol
Caliber:9×19 Luger / Parabellum, .40SW proposed
Barrel:81 mm
Weight (empty):549 grams
Magazine capacity:6, 7, or 8 rounds


  1. I had the model you show in 40 cal. It was a fine gun but sold it moving out of the country. I bought a new one about 2 years ago in 9mm but was a little disappointed as the laser rail was removed and there was only 1 blackstrap that was mounted solid to the gun as the older one you show came with two. On the plus side both were reliable and great for concealed carry.

  2. I had trouble choosing between the Walther PPS M2 and the SIG P365XL. Having carried a Walther PP since the 1970s, and alternately also a P5 since the 1990s, of course I leaned toward the Walther, but having tried a friend’s 365, I liked it and it’s magazine capacity. So I bought one of each. I am very satisfied with them both.


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