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Like the Steyr submachine gun, the FAMAE SAF is based upon an assault rifle design, though in this case with much more modification. In the 1980s the FAMAE factory (the Chilean government small arms factory) obtained a license to manufacture the Swiss SIG 540 assault rifle. Concept This is a 5.56mm locked-breech weapon of fairly …

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Sig Sauer P229

The Swiss Industrial Company (SIG) has produced some of the best pistols in the world, including Sig Sauer P229, but the Swiss neutrality laws make the export of weapons very difficult; as one Swiss said, “We are only allowed to sell guns to people who don’t want them.” As a result, SIG set up a …

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SiG Sauer P225 Auto Pistol

The Sig Sauer P225 was designed by SIG (Schweizer Industrie Gesellschaft) of Neuhausen-Rheinfalls, Switzerland and was first announced in 1978. Due to the restrictions placed on arms sales by the Swiss Government, SIG has entered into agreements with J. P. Sauer & Son of Germany so that the SIG designs can be manufactured by Sauer, …

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Army Gear Tactical Flashlight

A good emergency kit is vital for the survival of you and your family. For many people, the question isn’t if an emergency will happen, but when will it occur. Whether it’s a natural disaster or car breakdown, you want to be prepared for the worst. That’s why you’ll want to make sure your emergency …

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Meet the Deadly AR Pistol: An AR-15s That Is Classified As a Pistol

Pistol-caliber AR firearms shoot exactly like rifle caliber AR-15 weapons, with just a few exceptions. Although the weapons are semi-automatic the fast rate of fire problem persists and the weapons experience above average breakage of bolt catches, bolts, and firing pins. Counterintuitively, pistol caliber ARs have significant recoil, at least as much as a 5.56-caliber …

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The Army’s Deadly Sniper Rifle Is Hiding a Big Secret

The selection of .300 Winchester Magnum extended the U.S. Army sniper’s range to 1200 meters—four hundred beyond that of the M24. As a result, the M2010 ESR received an improved, longer-range optic, the Leupold Mark 4 M5A2 with variable 6.5- to twenty-power magnification. The Leupold scope can be fitted with the Knight’s Armament  AN/PVS-29 or AN/PVS-30 night-vision scopes for …

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S-200 (SA-5 Gammon)

The S-200 is the old SSSR made SAM (surface-to-air missile) system designed in the early 1960s to defend large areas from bomber attack or other strategic aircraft. Today, this very long range, medium-to-high altitude SAM system is also used to intercept various ballistic and cruise missiles with some slight improvements to the hardware and software. …

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