AGS-30 Atlant: The Improved Version of AGS-17 Automatic Grenade Launcher

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Soldier preparing to fire from AGS-30 Atlant automatic grenade launcher

The AGS-30 Atlant is an automatic grenade launcher developed in Russia to replace the AGS-17 Automatic Grenade Launcher. Currently, it is in production and service with the Russian armed forces.


Following the success of the AGS-17 in Afghanistan, the KBP Instrument Design Bureau initiated the development of a new grenade launcher to meet the Russian Army’s need for a weapon capable of flushing militants out of fortified building hideouts. The design proved effective, leading to its official adoption in 2002 by the Russian Army and later by the Russian Interior Ministry Troops. Development of the AGS-30 began in the early 1990s, and it was first introduced in 1999 before its adoption by the Russian Army in 2002.

Soldiers preparing AGS-17 Palmya to fire
Soldiers preparing AGS-17 Palmya to fire (Photo: XY)


The AGS-30, an improved version of the AGS-17 adopted in 1971, is a versatile weapon capable of direct and indirect firing. It owes its lighter weight, accuracy, and longer range to improved ammunition and softer recoil. While the Russian Army still uses the AGS-17 alongside the AGS-30, the latter has not entirely replaced the former. The AGS-30 is also in service with other countries.

The AGS acronym is Avtomatischeskyi Granatmyot Stankovyi or Automatic Grenade Launcher Mounted in English. The AGS-30 can quickly fire large numbers of grenades and is typically used to support infantry.

AGS-30 is equipped with an optical sights
AGS-30 is equipped with an optical sights (Photo: XY)

Generally mounted on a foldable tripod, the AGS-30 can also be installed on armored fighting vehicles, helicopters, and remotely-controlled weapon systems. Its vehicle-mounted version features an electric trigger mechanism. It is nearly twice as light as the AGS-17, making it easy for a single soldier to carry the weapon and its tripod mount in both traveling and combat order. The weapon features a carrying handle that allows it to be hauled on the battlefield in a ready-to-fire position.

The AGS-30 is a blowback-operated belt-fed weapon with a removable rifled barrel fired from an open bolt. It has a standard 2.7X magnification PAG-17 optical sight and backup iron sights for emergency use. The weapon has an effective range of 800 meters against point targets, a maximum range of 1,700 meters with VOG-17M and VOG-30 grenades, and 2,100 meters with improved GPD-30 grenades.


The grenades are fed into the AGS-30 using a detachable circular magazine called the “snail,” which houses 29-round belts. The weapon employs belts and magazines as its predecessor, with a loaded magazine weighing around 16 kg. In addition, each grenade launcher is equipped with three magazines.

Notably, the AGS-30 is designed to operate exclusively in fully automatic mode. It is capable of firing a variety of ammunition types, including the original VOG-17M high-explosive fragmentation grenades, as well as enhanced VOG-30 and GPD-30 grenades. The VOG-17M grenade is reported to have a kill rad and 7 meters.

AGS-30 Automatic Grenade Launcher on tripod
AGS-30 Automatic Grenade Launcher on tripod (Photo: XY)

The available grenade types for the AGS-30 include the VOG-17M (HE), IO-30 (HE), IO-30TP (Practice), VOG-30 (HE), VOG-30D (HE), VUS-30 (Smoke), and GPD-30 (HE). These various options provide a range of capabilities for different combat scenarios.


The AG-30M is a vehicle-mounted weapon system with an electric trigger mechanism designed to be deployed on various platforms, including armored vehicles, helicopters, and remotely-controlled weapon stations. This system offers versatility in its application and can be mounted on various vehicles, enabling it to be easily adapted to different operational needs. Additionally, the electric trigger mechanism enhances the reliability and precision of the AG-30M, making it a highly efficient and effective weapon system for military applications.

Technical specifications

Country of origin:Russia
Manufacturer:KBP Instrument Design Bureau
Entered service:2002
Caliber:30 mm
Cartridge:30×120 mm
Cartridge weight:350 g
Weight (with a tripod, unloaded, without sight):16.5 kg
Weight (loaded, with a tripod, with sight):~ 33 kg
Length:837 mm
Overall length:1 100 mm
Barrel length:?
Muzzle velocity:183 m/s
Cyclic rate of fire:400 rpm
Practical rate of fire:50 – 100 rpm
Magazine capacity:belts with 29 rounds
Sighting range:800 m / 1 730 m
Effective range (point targets):800 m
The maximum range of fire (VOG-17M, VOG-30):1 700 m
Maximum range of fire (GPD-30):2 100 m

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