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He saw, he came, he keeled over. Benny is a man of action with over 4 years of professional writing experience, and two years of combat experience in the IDF's elite Nahal Infantry brigade. While he likes to pretend he could "shoot an apple off an insurgents head" he is actually better skilled at measuring distance and determining if you are going to share a cigarette with him than anything else.
The opinon about Saudi Arabia role in Islamic radicalism

What Motivates A Suicide Bomber?

Paris, Turkey, Israel, Brussels - If someone asked you 6 months ago what these places shared in common, perhaps you would have been inclined to answer along the lines of "leading international universities" or "rich cultural history." Today the answer...

Field Guide For Beginners: The Essential Extras. 9

Field Guide For Beginners: The Essential Extras

This guide is intended for those that are about to join the military of their choice. If you are currently an active or former service member, feel free to sound off with any suggestions in the comments. Below are some...