Need a Bulletproof Briefcase For Your Job? FTI Has Got You Covered!

by Benny RECON

Need a Bulletproof Briefcase For Your Job? FTI Has Got You Covered! 4

For all their advertised “ruggedness” most briefcases and laptop bags will only provide drop protection for the content inside. Some are even designed to be water resistant to a few meters. But none of them are “bulletproof”. Force Training Institute (FTI) has released one such bulletproof briefcase, the MTS – Multi-Threat Shield. For $899, you get a briefcase/notebook bag, that can also be opened up to use as a protective shield.

Force Training Institute (FIT) - Multi-Threat Shield (MTS) 1
Force Training Institute (FIT) – Multi-Threat Shield (MTS)

Not simply content with the FTI’s claims about the MTS, Gordon from PCWorld actually took the MTS to a local shooting range and tested it out using a variety of common handguns and calibers that those under threat in a city environment might expect to have used against them. He inserted an original iPad into the case to get an idea of as to how well a device inside the bag would react to the bullet impacts. The results are mixed, yet the bag does work as advertised.

The bag itself weighs 8 pounds and can be unfolded to use as a shield. It is designed so that when its unfolded it will stay straight and can be strapped onto a variety of objects for use as a cover. While it guarantees protection from handgun / sub-machine gunfire, it does not natively offer protection against rifle/armor piercing rounds. However, it does offer an insert pouch for a specially designed level IIIa ballistic protection insert that will provide resistance against higher caliber threats.

Additionally, it’s stylish and classy enough to take to a business / casual meeting without looking out of place. It has a number of pockets for holding everyday items, and even a “discreet” pocket in the front designed to hold a handgun or a taser. It comes with a 5 – year warranty and free shipping so that $899 is a little more justifiable if you need it in your line of work.

Finally, if your line of work does require this bag, you probably wouldn’t be relying on an extremely pedestrian iPad for your computing needs. In this case, Gordon should have tested the bag out with a Panasonic Toughbook / Toughpad.

Force Training Institute (FIT) - Multi-Threat Shield (MTS) 2
Force Training Institute (FIT) – Multi-Threat Shield (MTS)


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