The Benefits of Contracting Jobs in Combat Zones

The danger and demand for contracting jobs in hot combat zones may have advantages worth packing your bags for. Most private military contractors overseas make anywhere from $80,000 to $250,000 a year.

How To Become a Private Military Contractor

To become a private military contractor you need to have a certain military or law enforcement experience. It is not mandatory but it will increase your chance to find the right job

Malhama Tactical: The Blackwater of Jihad

Heavily armed and expertly kitted with body armor and ballistic helmets, the men can be seen defending bunkers, storming buildings, and even posing by whiteboards giving tactical lessons. Though the titles of

What is a private military contractor?

A private military contractor company is a private business that signs one or more contracts to provide goods or services to one or more nations militaries. Sometimes, those companies and their employees

Top 9 Private Military Companies in the world

The Top 9 Private Military Companies list is based on the strength, numbers, contracts, and information about the various guns for hire ready to step in and ‘fill the gap’ for private

How to pack your own Go Bag?

Having a Go Bag is not only mandatory to the bodyguards or tactical operators. It easy can be implemented into civilian life as well. Your Go Bag needs to be packed at all