Beretta 687 EELL: A top-of-the-line shotgun

Beretta 687 EELL shotgun
Beretta 687 EELL shotgun (Photo: Beretta)

The Beretta 680-series family of over-and-under guns is prolific, with choices of 12 or 20-gage, 28 or 30 inches (710 or 762 mm) barrels, and a variety of degrees of decoration and finish. The Beretta 687 EELL is a top-of-the-line gun.


The two barrels are forged from Cr-Mo-Ni steel, joined by a ventilated rib, and surmounted by a flat sighting rib. They are fitted with the Beretta Mobil-choke, which allows the user to change the degree of choke to suit his preferences. The action is also of high-quality steel and Beretta’s design, using two pins mounted in the walls of the action body rather than the more usual full-width hinge pin.

Locking is done by conical bolts which move out from the face of the action and fit into recesses in the barrel block. All these pins and bolts are replaceable with oversized units when they begin to wear. The box-locks are covered by engraved side plates which add significantly to the gun’s appearance and provide a certain amount of weight to the action area. The stock is of American walnut, well tapered, of average drop, and a well-shaped and checkered pistol grip.

Beretta 687 EELL is easily recognized by engraved Silver Pigeon
Beretta 687 EELL is easily recognized by engraved Silver Pigeon (Photo: Beretta)

The gun is slightly muzzle-heavy, which some shooters prefer, and which could always be adjusted by a competent gunsmith if desired. However, even as it comes from the maker, it handles admirably; it points well, shoots accurately, and delivers a well-distributed shot pattern, which is all anyone asks of the sporting gun.

Beretta is widely known for its firearms, including other shotguns such as Beretta A304, already described in our previous articles. All Beretta shotguns are considered good and reliable.

Technical specifications

Manufacturer: Pietro Beretta SpA, Gardone Val Trompia, Italy
Type: double barrel, superposed
Gauge: 12
Barrel: 30 in (762 mm)
Weight: 7.05 lbs (3.20 kg)
Magazine capacity: two rounds

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